I’m Bad at the Twitter.

06 July 2012

Someone please explain Twitter to me.

No, I mean really EXPLAIN it. 

Yes, I get it.  

But, I don’t get it

It’s been six months and I just don’t love it.  It’s like I might kiss it, but not French it.  And for sure it wouldn’t be feeling me up in the backseat of a car.

I don’t feel the connection like I do on Facebook.  I don’t have the visual treat like Pinterest or Instagram. 

I DO like that I can tag pretty much anyone my heart desires which is useful if you want to get someone’s attention.  It brings the six degrees of Kevin Bacon to like one degree… @kevinbacon. 

I also like pretty much anything that @JimGaffigan and @RainnWilson tweet.  They are both ridiculousness at its finest which is a quality I highly admire.

I just want someone to tell me what the big whoop is.

Photo: Happy start to her first birthday morning? Oh no, not for Tate. http://instagr.am/p/MYH053DLqV/

Photo: prosecco bomb pop drinks http://instagr.am/p/MrRgx1DLke/Photo: wine tasting plus handsome hubby = awesome Thursday night. http://instagr.am/p/J5pUofjLoX/

Photo: Nap time for both of us. http://instagr.am/p/MD8L17jLuI/Photo: Red. http://instagr.am/p/LgSUhpjLlw/

Photo: Thor.  http://instagr.am/p/Jse3KyjLk7/

And also? Can we give three cheers for Instagram for Droid? Hip Hip Hipster!  Come find me. I mean, I can’t figure out what I’m doing on the Twitter, so let’s enjoy pictures of baby girl screaming her head off and Finn in every superhero costume known to man! 

I’ll I can think is, thank God it was not available in the whole of the 90s. 

You know you want to be my friend.


PS Leave your Twitter and Instagram usernames in the comments!  Do it.  Do it now.  Right after you tell me how to work the Twitter.


Yostee said...

Can you pass along whatever information you get?? I don't understand Twitter either - seriously, I never set up an account!! I really used to think I was pretty up on this stuff. I don't understand what the "#" marks mean in front of things mean... I just don't get it. Maybe I am just getting OLD!!! This thought depresses me....

Just A Normal Mom said...

No instagram for me... yet. Maybe next month. Phone upgrades coming. Twitter is @normalmomally.

Just A Normal Mom said...

The most useful thing bloggers use twitter for is promoting blog posts. Google how to add the twitter links - one that goes at the end of your post, so that when people (like me) are done reading, I click it and it helps me tweet a little blurb about your post. And the second, adding a twitter widget to your sidebar like your follow me on Pinterest widget. Honestly though? I'm not sure about all of it. I do it. I have more readers than commenters. Do they come from twitter? I don't know about that... I follow my nieces though - it's like free permission to totally spy on them... LOL

SnoopyMeg said...

Lost on twitter as well, there should be a tutorial.

Samantha said...

The only time I was successful on Twitter was when I stayed on it for hours at a time. Other than that, I mostly just use it to post blog links.

Can you explain Instagram to me? Still not figured it out yet :(

MommyLisa said...

I find twitter useful for several things.

1) complaining to a company - results every time if they are on twitter.

2) winning cool stuff at twitter parties.

3) joining twitter parties like Friday nights at 9pm #wineparty

4) laughing at people who say funny things. like @jimgaffigan and @therealnph

5) being irreverent and getting the word straight from @Jesus_M_Christ

praise be twitter.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I'm @shortpixy on both. ;) I think Twitter is a fun way to connect on short little random moments throughout the day. It's fun!

Emily said...

I love Twitter. I consider it my repository for random thoughts. Facebook requires too much time and effort and has too many morons. I think it's easier to quietly unfollow an obnoxious person on Twitter than it is to unfriend them on Facebook. And Twitter's friend suggestions are way better than Facebook's most of the time.

Jess said...

Crazy girl it's because you're never on. You have to get on. Make friends. Then watch the interactions and jump in. For me I would go crazy at wot without it. It's like talking to my friends all day long. And of course they are all over the country and world and I'll probably never meet a fraction of them. But I have met a couple no its awesome.

Kim Moore said...

Twitter keeps me up on what is happening in our area because I follow all the news channels and newspapers. I agree it is really AWESOME when you complain to a company because they really do respond.
I love using Twitter for my Mary Kay monthly hostess programs and letting my followers know what the company is doing for contests and giveaways.
The # hash tag means that if you put it in front of something people can look specifically for those items... example being "I am watching best movie ever #MagicMike" then when anyone on twitter put in #MagicMike they see all the comments about the hash tagged item.

My twitter is @bigmomof3 and Michelle is one of my favorite followers.

Nutmeg Nanny said...

Twitter is like a giant room where everyone is shouting. If this was the real world I would find it to be my version of hell. Since its online I love it :) I get to talk to "friends" almost like AOL IM but way cooler. I watch conversations between friends and jump in and add my two sense. I spend all day on Twitter but only bc I have a program that just stays open on my computer while I work. When I first started Twitter I felt the same way as you but then I started interacting. I have made a lot of friends from all over the works whom i talk to almost everyday. Of course there is also the added attraction of blog promotion, complaining to companies and all that jazz. I really like it but I know it's not forever. Oh and shamelessly I like it bc I can watch conversations between people I don't like. Then I can make fun of them in my head...haha.

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