06 June 2012

I have visions of these five when they’re teenagers and frankly, it has me frightened. 






Tawny said...

Your daughter will never be allowed to bring a boyfriend home. ; )

Hayley said...

Save this picture so in 10-12 years they can recreate it!

Anonymous said...

Dear Michelle,
The only time I see my great nephews and niece is on your blog...and they definitely look like trouble! I've recently become a fan. Who knew I had such a talented niece. Which Aunt is it?

Kim Moore said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kim Moore said...

This is an amazing picture. I agree, you need to re-create it in like 10 years. They are all going to be gorgeous as teenagers. Good luck to all you parents of these kids.

Unknown said...

That's how i feel about my kiddos. Great picture!

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