Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh.

12 June 2012


My sister in law is expecting her first in August.  Her sister in law Heather and I are furiously shower planning right now and I can’t wait to show you all of the fun things we’re doing to celebrate her little man.  Eeeek tiny baby things!  

What was your favorite baby shower gift to either give or receive?  Are you a shower games person, or no? 

PS.  You are totally welcome for the Bieber ear worm.


Anonymous said...


i am NOT a shower games person. i find it a little tacky, and no one ACTUALLY wants to participate. i've asked mamas what they prefer, and i'd say almost every single one of them has opted against games! for bridal showers also!

as for gifts... i like them to fit their personality or taste. i don't like to buy generic gifts. i usually do all my gift buying on etsy! my brother is expecting his first this fall, and i got him a star wars themed diaper bag (sister of the year, right here!)... he loved it so much, he nearly cried.

i can't wait to see what you've planned for her day!

Bunny @ 86n It said...

While the big ticket items are awesome to receive, I really appreciated the small things from the other moms. Reusable breast pads from you. Stacking cup toys from Stacey, Oxi Clean and spray from Emily. They came in SO handy and I never would have bought them myself!

MommyLisa said...

The best thing is the Urban BundleMe - NOT the one with faux sheep skin that pills, the URBAN BundleMe that is like an adorable soft sleeping bag. Both give and get on that one.

P.S. Best shower game EVER - melt chocolate bars of all types in infant sized diapers. People then have to "sniff the poo" to figure out what is in each diaper.

Yostee said...

I HATE games at showers. Just me b/c I always feel I look silly!!!

As far as my baby shower gifts, I try to give the organizing utility tote from thirty-one. If you know the baby's name, you can get it embroidered to make it special. I know a lot of people that use them as a diaper bag, but seriously, these suckers have a shit ton of uses!!!! I will usually get a coordinating zipper pouch to stick some diapers and wipes in to just throw in the tote. I HATED my traditional diaper bag. I never used one with the first 2 kids. Maybe I'm just a weirdo. :o) (And no Michelle, I am not currently plugging my Thirty-One party!!!)

I just think if you know the people well enough, go the extra mile and get something special and useful. There will be plenty of clothes and wash cloths and towels and all that jazz. I like to throw in something special just for the mom too!!

Diapers always work. I didn't get one single stinking diaper at my baby shower... not one!!!!

@JessEsco said...

Hate games.

Favorite gift was the labels I got with her name on them. Use them tons at daycare.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Yay for babies! I love shower games but not overly gross ones like the candy in the diaper.

belles♥mom said...

I'm usually not a huge fan of shower games but at a friend's shower we played a Jeopardy style game about baby facts as well as little things about the mother and father and it was hilarious! I also love the name that baby game where you need to guess family members or even celebrities by their baby picture, but I could look at baby pictures all day long so there you go!
Favorite shower gift to get/give- breast friend pillow, I was in love with mine! Professional house cleaning is another option {packaged with some all natural cleaners}- yes I know I'm OCD!

Susanna Grace said...

Not a big lover of games - especially those that mock a pregnant woman's size, ie. guess her girth. Now that my kids are older, I so enjoy shopping for something personally suited for the new baby - and something for the mama, too. It's finally an excuse to go back into those adorable baby boutiques.

Emily said...

Know what makes me old and unhip? Never would have picked up on the Bieber song without you pointing it out.

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