I’m Your Venus.

19 June 2012

Saturday, we made our usual Toledo Farmer’s Market trip.  Incidentally, if you are local and haven’t been there, do it!  And also, say hi to me, but pretend I don’t look like hell and I’m not fighting with the Davester because it’s early and I haven’t had my coffee yet and I don’t have a stitch of makeup on.  Oh and, my clothes may or may not be from the night before, but not for any fun reason like in college, but because I have given up on trying to look pretty early on Saturday mornings.

So, we’re at the market and my mom hands my husband, the Davester, a bag. 

I should also tell you, we fully take advantage of the fact that my mom will take Finnegan shopping and leave us to meander through the market alone.  Saturday, he was dressed as Captain America, so you can see why we’d want to pawn him off to someone else and then laugh and point at the kid wearing a costume and pretend it wasn’t US who had warped him. 

They have a routine, those two.  They hit up the cookie lady, who we’ve been buying from for years… I should really ask her name and stop calling her the cookie lady.  Then, they walk down and get a lemonade.  And then, while Finn eats and drinks, they do my mom’s shopping and pet the rabbits or touch things or smell things or sample things. 

Sometimes Usually all of the above.  You can see why he likes walking through the market with Gigi.

Back to that bag…

My mother informs us that inside said bag, is none other than, a Venus fly trap.

Finn has been admiring them and coveting one for the last few months.  He has to wander over and make a little visit with them every Saturday since he found out what they were.

Because they’re cool, Mom.

Apparently, this week my mother felt it necessary to buy one for him.  Because every five year old needs a carnivorous insect munching plant, right?  Don’t you just want a fly trap buying Gigi for your very own, only replace fly trap with something expensive and less maintenance?

Out in the wild of the Carolinas where they live, they just catch any old thing and eat it.  But at our house, we have to feed it a {preferably LIVE} bug every other week.  Did I mention that Finn screams like his Mama and tells Dave to get any bug that crosses his path?  Guess who is going to be feeding her? 

We shall name her Audrey.


Thankfully, the Davester has never seen Little Shop of Horrors…


Anonymous said...

I heard a rumor you can feed it lunch meat.

SnoopyMeg said...

I think that it is supercool! Better than the frogs that Mamie brought home to us....

Anonymous said...

Your mom is super cool! Even of she is my sister.

Finn needs to learn about all those man eating plants out there..
Aunt Linda

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