I Can’t Take Him Seriously Unless He’s Wearing a Hat.

18 May 2012

Shortly after I met the Davester, he shaved his head.  He looked utterly ridiculous.  It was a cut that not even a mother could love, in fact, his mother did not love it one bit.  Even though we had only known each other for a few weeks, I sent him an email at work that said, “Dave, did you lose a bet?”

I was very professional, you can see now why he fell for me.

He looked like a lunatic.  I wish I had a picture of it to post, but I am pretty sure that he has disposed of the evidence.

Even to this day, we argue 60% of the time that he gets a haircut.  If you are thinking, that is a lot, you would be right.  My anxiety level goes to an eleventy billion if we have something important upcoming and he announces casually that he’s going for a cut.  Those days, he tells them not to cut it too short or his wife will kill him.

And I probably would.  Unless this blog post constitutes pre-meditation, in which case, I was totally kidding.  Yep, this is me kidding over here… hey Dave, I am totally NOT kidding!

He goes to a barber and depending on who he gets it either comes out looking normal, but short – or – like he just got back from basic training all over.  There is no in between.  People, there is a guy named Buzz {I kid you not} who Dave tries to avoid at all costs because he is 70 years old and only does a high and tight.  THIS is what I am dealing with.  I mean, yes yes, we’ve all had bad hair cuts, but he goes every few weeks so I would think there would be a better average than what he is sporting, or that he would find a real salon to go to, one that offers you something to drink and an US Weekly to peruse.

Wednesday, he came home and I only heard Finn in the kitchen say, “DAD.  What happened to your hair?” as a greeting.  I knew when he rounded the corner that it was going to be one of those cuts. 

He’s been wearing a hat ever since. 

Then he told me he’d wear it to bed if I thought it might improve his getting lucky chances.  Psssst… Davester, staying away from Buzz would improve your chances even more.


Ms. Kang said...

Hahaha! So funny! We don't have that particular issue, but I love his "fix" for it. Especially that he thinks the hat is bringing sexy back :)

Anonymous said...

Funny. My husband has been going bald for 20 years now, and the high and tight is his cut. The beard makes it hot. Our oldest daughter always tells him not to cut it all off.

the cape on the corner said...

the boyfriend always says not too military or my girlfriend will kill me, lol. i hate that he like that cut! after a week or so it's ok, but one must plan accordingly!

Just A Normal Mom said...

I'm going to brag here - I finally got Hubs to leave the barber shop and go to a real salon - the same salon I go to, the same gal. On a regular basis. Happy sigh.

Michelle said...

Exactly! This one might take two weeks to look normal though!

Michelle said...

Bragger! Share your secret for making that happen.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

My husband has recently started sporting an extra short cut that I'm not too fond of. But I guess it's his head, right? Yet it's me who has to look at him all day!

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Ah yes, men and their haircuts. It's always a struggle to get it just right.

Kelly said...

It's always hit or miss with J..I get crazy nervous when he goes for a cut! I wish he'd suck it up and go to a salon!

Nicole Rodriguez said...

It's 1am and I'm cracking up! Loudly! Why must men always make things so difficult?! Just do what we say and be done. It's so simple!!!

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