01 May 2012

Finn: {Talking to himself.}  Girls are bad, boys are good.

Me:  Excuse me?

Finn:  Girls are bad.  Boys are good.  Uh.  Well, not you.  Um, you’re good.  But Tate is a bad walker.


Finn:  Dad, why are there always carrots in throw up?

Dave: You didn’t even eat carrots yesterday!

Finn:  I know!


Finn:  Mom, do you know where the hippopotamus went?

Me:  Under that blanket.

Finn:  How did you know that?

Me:  Mamas know everything.

Finn:  But you didn’t know the bacon piece. 

{Earlier we had a conversation about ham being a pig and bacon being a pig, just different parts of the pig and he asked me which piece bacon was.  That much, I have no clue and it’s not really something I’m going to google for fear of losing my love for bacon forever.}


Finn:  Dad, what is a loser name?  Daaaad.  WHAT is a loser name?

Dave:  Buddy, you have to hold on a second.

Finn:  What is a loser name?

Dave:  It’s a USER name.

Finn:  What’s a user name?  Oh, I get it, like F-I-N-N.  Right?


Finn:  Mom, I don’t watch Mr Roger’s Neighborhood anymore.

Me:  Ok…

Finn:   Well, it’s a kid show, but it had a grownup in it.  And it tells a kid story, but I just can’t watch it anymore.


Finn:  I got the moves of Jagga.  I got the moves of Jagga.  I gottt the mooooooooves of Jagga.


Anonymous said...

These are my favorite things to read! I hope you are having a great day!

stacey. said...

Moves like jagga is one of Gavs favs too lol

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

I love the LOSER name, too funny!!

Karen said...

This kiddo is constantly cracking me up! He's so clever!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I always look forward to Finn Days!!!

Just A Normal Mom said...

I can't watch it anymore either, Finn. :)

Unknown said...

One of my Finnisms. Kids say the cutest things:)

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