07 May 2012

Lyndsey and I used to drive all over town and then put a dollar or two worth of gas {back when gas wasn’t even a dollar!} into my mom’s car so she didn’t know we had driven it.

I smoked for over ten years and quit when we were trying to get pregnant with Finn.  It has been over six years and sometimes I still  dream about smoking, then wake up feeling guilty about it.

I sometimes don’t feel like I am old enough {in reality, I am MORE than old enough} to be someone’s mom.

My dining room table has been buried under a pile of crafting stuff for the last two months. 

What is your confession of the day?


Jen said...

I finally cleared off my dining room table on Saturday...but only because people were coming over for dinner, and the rain meant we couldn't eat outside. It had been buried in fabric, pattern pieces, and a serger since January. Yes, January. The confession part, though, is that I still have projects on my list that require the serger, so the table will probably be reburied soon.

Anonymous said...

We have lived in out current home for two years, and have only ate at the dinner table maybe 10 times.

That will change in the new house thanks to an open floor plan.

Mrs. Sowerby said...

Nice confessional...I like this idea. I may have to copy you. As for the mom one, I am totally on board with you. I don't feel old enough either, yet I have friends my age that have kids in Kindergarten or older.

I can totally relate to the table...our kitchen table is covered...thankfully we never eat there. We always eat in our dining room. Phew!

Bunny @ 86n It said...

I wish I was more responsible.

Emily said...

I had ice cream cake for dinner (after the boys went down so I didn't have to share).

Anonymous said...

I'm very, very sad and cry all the time. I have a therapist and a good support system. It's just not enough right now.

MommyLisa said...

My dining room table looks like hoarders want to take over.

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