30 May 2012

We should hang out.  sowondsomarv

Does anyone remember the “he’s her LOBSTER!” episode of Friends?  Ahhhh I miss that show.


Amanda said...

I miss Friends, too! Loved that moment. Who doesn't want to find their lobster? :)

That photo of the ice cream (or cupcakes in cones?) is sweet! (No pun intended :)

I'm off to follow you now. I'm @ajigreer if you'd like to check out my feed.

Just A Normal Mom said...

I need a new phone. Sigh.
And I miss Friends, too!

Anonymous said...

Love Friends! I remember getting together with my friends to watch Friends every Thursday night.

Yostee said...

I started following you... I am beginning to think I am a stalker!!!

Anyway, I just got hacked or spammed or some crap the other day. I deleted a bunch of photos b/c some "ass something or other" name started liking my all my photos. So I had to make mine photos private. I didn't even know what all instagram was about - I just knew it was fun to play with the effects on pictures... I am so technologically stupid!!!

Unknown said...

Yay! Going to find you now!!!

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