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19 April 2012

My husband thankfully doesn’t buy into the whole “you’re home with the kids, so the kids are your responsibility” thing.  The Davester is a team player.  Mostly.  Which is great in the middle of the night when you’ve just gone to bed and you’re up an hour later.  And two hours after that.  And another hour after that.

We’re having sleeping issues up in this piece.

Our poor little Tay has been sick for the last two weeks and that means, no sleep for anyone.  Well, Finn could likely sleep through a bomb going off in the house, so he’s blissfully unaware of her night time antics.  The Davester and I though? 


A lot.

Sick babies are the suck.  You feel so terribly for them because they can’t take anything, they can’t communicate that they feel awful, and they just want to be held.  

She coughs and wakes herself up.  She sneezes and wakes herself up.  She tosses and turns and wakes herself up.  He gets her and I nurse her to sleep or pat her back and hold her.  Or I go get her and he makes a bottle.  When she falls back asleep, he quietly carries her back to her crib. 

She finally slept peacefully last night and the Davester is so paranoid that she hasn’t been up, he wakes up in the middle of the night and checks on her just to make sure she’s ok.  I was so tired, I slept right through it.

Remember Honey, when being up all night meant something fun? 

Yeah, me too.


Anonymous said...

I totally starting singing the song when I saw your title. Reminds me of high school cheerleading.

Tricia said...

I'm sorry that Tate has been sick. I know how exhausting that is. Connor was sick a lot during his first two years and I discovered that I fall apart when deprived of sleep. I'm glad that you have help from your husband. Mine was also pretty helpful and I am not exaggerating when I say that I don't think I could have survived without him. I hope that Tate feels better soon.

Ms. Kang said...

We're doing a teething-sleep-absence thing. Not quite as bad as what you've got going on. Hang in there. Keep singing 90's rap and soon enough, it will all be over. The sleepless thing, not the rap. 90's rap will never get old ;)

Just A Normal Mom said...

Hope you're little sweet girl is feeling better soon! :( No sleep - man, I don't miss those days. But I sympathize greatly!

Mrs. Sowerby said...

Ugh, I feel your pain. Jack has been doing the same thing. Two nights ago he finally slept through. I had still gone to bed SUPER late-like 1:30 a.m.-but having the straight five hours with NO wake up make me feel like a ROCK STAR! I could do ANYTHING! Sadly, the next night-last night-he was up again!

Meg said...

Poor baby... and poor mom and dad! And I remember thinking being up at 2 am was NBD, even if I had school/work the next day. Now 2 am makes me want to, I don't know. I know it makes me angry.

Unknown said...

poor baby girl:( and poor mom and dad.

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