Best Month Ever = April.

02 April 2012

Peeps, we’ve entered my birthday month.  Don’t all of you get excited at once now…  I’m turning 36 this year, I did the math on the calculator just to make sure we didn’t have a repeat of the year that I forgot how old I was for 67% of the year

We have April Fool’s Day, Easter, the start of baseball season, my aforementioned birthday loveliness, Finnegan’s birthday, and one of my besties Jackie’s birthday. We’ll gloss over Tax Day because it sucks and also happens to also be my birthday this year, so maybe it doesn’t suck that much and will, in fact, be awesome.

We got to start the month off right, Finnegan and I went to his friend Sophie’s circus themed birthday yesterday.  Sophie’s mom Noelle and I were talking about how long they’ve been friends, practically their entire lives, it is crazy how grown up they are getting.  {They were so tiny in this post from 2008, Finn was a year and Sophie was two.}  We stuffed ourselves full of snow cones and cupcakes and popcorn, yeah yeah there were healthy things too... Noelle thought of everything.  There were games and running around and it didn’t even matter that we were at a party full of girls, though I did get a glimpse of what our house will be like in 5 years and the girl toys and giggling alone makes me nervous as hell.


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Ecstatic, clown nosed six year olds are the best.  Happy Birthday Miss Sophie!


What are you looking forward to in April?



Anonymous said...

My birthday is also in April. It is Thursday. My anniversary is also in April.

Jackie said...

Well, while I do not enjoy the 3-6 part...I do enjoy being around for another year. Not sure who is making the plans in this crazy ass life but I sure wish whoever they are they would lay off the "life-changing" bullshit they threw at me last year!
Oh and I always look forward to Earth Day in April too!
Love you Michelle and miss you!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

April is exciting for baseball and my husband coming home from France! Eee!

Katie Olthoff said...

I totally agree.

Because today's my birthday.

I always thought "April Second" sounded beautiful. Don't you agree?

Unknown said...

I am looking forward to baseball and my last month of being pregnant...whoohooo:))

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