Draw Something {That I Can Guess Correctly}

04 April 2012

When my sister Elise was home from college over break, she talked me into downloading Draw Something.  It’s SO fun!  You have to play!  She also quit playing 5 wins into our streak.  She does this with every game… talks me into it, then quits.  It’s like she’s away at college, hanging out with her boyfriend El, and president of her sorority or something.  

Here is the premise, you get a choice of three words, easy medium and hard, but I think they are totally arbitrary assignments.  You draw and your friend guesses, then vice versa.  The two of you together see how long a winning streak you can make.  My longest streak is at 99 right now, not surprisingly it isn’t with the Davester who believes his drawings to be Picasos, which they are not.  As you get words right, you earn coins and can buy new colors since you start out with four and it sucks to try to draw an orange with black, blue, red, and green.  They give you the spaces and a small choice of letters to guess the answer so even if your drawer isn’t the best, you can sometimes still guess from the letters.

And sometimes not.

Does anyone know what a NARWAHL is because I guessed shamu, whale, dolphin, and a million other guesses before taking a pass on that sucker, sending my friend Chris and I back to zero.

My friends run the gamut from drawings that look like Finnegan drew them, to amazing artists who make you feel badly that you’ve never watched Lord of the Rings because OMG that is the BEST hobbit I’ve never seen, if only I didn’t think it was Scarface, sorry Brad for screwing up our streak! 

I have to also mention that in the game, the person can see your drawing in real time so if you screw up, they see it as it happens.  That sucks, but the cool thing about it is that you can make your drawing move too.  My friend Cheryl {and I wish I had thought to take video of this} added seeds in a pot of dirt and then made the plants grow.  It was very fun. 

There are also cheating bastards {I removed the name to protect the guilty!}


And awesome sauce HOBO drawers…


Here are some of my ridiculous drawings. {Please don’t mind the awful “I don’t have an iPhone” screenshots.} I am clearly not making any of the “best of” features that they show from all the drawings.

027 028

It seems like half the universe has the app.  Do you play?



Samantha said...

I've heard a lot about it and would love to play, but until I get a new phone, I can't. Boo :(

Yostee said...

Why yes, I do have this app thanks to a fun loving person. I love when you get a drawing that is actually not a drawing at all, but rather the screen says "I almost peed my pants" and that's it, nothing else - and from that I was to guess MOUNTAIN.

I too think I am Picaso at times although realistically, I rank right there with Finnegan!!!

Thanks for introducing me... it's a great load of fun!!!

@JessEsco said...

You're pretty damn good. Ok, so add me. Although I rarely play during the day because I prefer playing on the iPad at home. jessesco

Colleen said...

Haha, so funny! I actually go through stages of trying really hard and then just scribbles. But I hate the cheaters, my sister uses sooo many words I have to tell her to stop, it's not flippen called write something!

Unknown said...

I love it but suck so bad. I only play a couple peeps and one of them is my husband. And I still only have 4 colors, which totally sucks. I laugh so hard while drawing. I am so so bad but it's so much fun.

Stacy Kaye said...

Ha ha! Narwhol! Kev had to help me guess that one!!

Corinne said...

It's my app-crack...so addictive!!

AfGolden said...

LOVE it!!!! I play all the time! And LG is always wanting hint to what my drawing is and EVERYONE guess what it is!! LOL!

Tawny said...


Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I can't get addicted to another phone game. But that one does look really fun.

C Barnes said...

I'm having a blast with this game! Don't tell anyone but you're my favorite drawer :) Although...only half of my drawings look like an adult drew them. And when I send you a doozy, I think you're going to quit playing with me. Hee Hee

Sarah from Perth, WA said...

A narwhal is like a manatee with a horn like a unicorn. Easy, right?

Meg said...

At first, I got really mad at my youngest nephew for "cheating" but I quickly got over it. I just don't tell anyone that we're using each other to rack up points to buy more colors!

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