Spring Break.

16 April 2012

Ahhh spring break, you are finally over.  I can’t say that I am going to miss you terribly.  We spent 95% of you with a sick baby Tate, Finn not wanting to put any clothes on and watching too much tv, a stir crazy Michelle and the Davester working.  By Thursday night, I’d had enough.  I called my sister Elise in Lexington and asked her if she wanted some visitors for Friday and Saturday. 

Any time I dangle the kids in front of her, she’s a goner.

So I packed up the family truckster with a trunk full of Lord knows what baby gear and off we went. 

Now listen here, I pride myself on being a good great traveller, we made it in Europe for two weeks with just a rollaboard each.  I don’t know what happens after someone has children but the gear for those little munchkins is like two hundred fold what a grown up can get away with. 

As evidence I offer this.  See that suitcase full of clothes?  Totally not the right stuff and not nearly enough for the little one that puked on herself both on the way there and the way home.  Thank you Carter’s Outlet {in a torrential downpour} for saving our butts.  The camera?  Not even used once {thank you Instagram} the whole trip.  We didn’t use the stroller either since Aunt Lisey wanted to carry her all the time.

The trip, albeit totally short, was just what we needed.  I had a great early birthday dinner at Saul Good.  We got to attend a brunch for Mom’s Weekend at Elise’s sorority since Colleen was in Florida. 

We went to the Liquor Barn.  I drank red bull and cotton candy vodkas with my sister and her roommates.  We spent a ridiculous amount of time laughing and a ridiculously small amount of time sleeping. 

It was like being back in college again. 

Except I’m old.  And have kids.  And a Davester.  And an SUV with a serious amount of crap in it.

Settle a disagreement between the Davester and I… did you go on vacation for Spring Break when you were a kid?  Do you take your school aged kids on vacation for their break?


Amy said...

No way! Never went anywhere as a kid on spring break...until I was 19!

Samantha said...

Roxy and I go on spring break trips every year and she's not even school aged.

Glad the trip was good. I was wondering if you decided for Keeneland or not. :)

Jackie said...

OMG I cannot believe you went to SAUL GOOD!!!!!!! I will take complete responsibility for introducing you to that most awesome food joint! Ahhh cast iron cookie how I miss you.....

Just A Normal Mom said...

I don't think we did spring break vacations when I was young. And we don't either now (though we did once or twice the early years - but only to see family), because my son is a baseball kid and baseball takes no spring break! Our goofy district took a "Mid-Winter Break" for years in February the week of President's Day - we have done Hawaii several times during that break, as it was before baseball season started. But they haven't done that break for a couple of years now.

But as a kid myself? Spring Break was just a week of school to play with neighborhood kids and watch too much tv!!

Tricia said...

I don't think that spring break had been invented yet when I was a kid. We were out for Good Friday and that was it. These days, Connor is out for a week, but it's generally a week before Jason and I are off (Jason works for a different school district than the one C goes to and we both teach college classes). So, no. There is no traveling for us. I remember all of the crazy stuff you have to have for traveling with littles. These days we are safe if we have a change of clothes, a dry pair of shoes, and Connor's DS. That's one benefit of having an older kiddo, but the downside is that it means my kiddo is growing up. Sad! Hope that Tate is feeling better and that life is getting back to normal!

Anonymous said...

My parents always took us ti San Antonio for St.Patricks. Our Spring Break is always during that week. They like to party!

Krista said...

We take our kids away for spring break. It's hectic with the four of them, but the spring is the slowest time for our business. The weather in warmer places is more hospitable for those of us who hate the heat.
Here is our spring break post

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