Infertility Awareness Week.

25 April 2012


I felt like a piece of my very being was missing.  And something so simple, something you have been painstakingly preventing your entire life until you were finally “ready,” is held out of your reach no matter how much you stretch to grasp it.

It doesn’t just go away when you have a child.  Or two children.  Or five children.  The pain, it’s still there.

It is excruciating and I wish it didn’t happen to anyone.

But it did. 

It happened to me. 

And to Bea.  And Laura.  And Ashlee.  And Amy.  And Stace.  And Lisa.  And Rachel.

And probably someone you know and care about.


Laura said...

Thanks for posting this! XO

Mrs. Sowerby said...

You are right. I feel like all of the time I hear more and more about people going through this, in some way or another. It is heart-breaking and difficult. I wish there were easy answers. I wish it were simple. I wish I could take the pain away...

Bunny @ 86n It said...

I want to finally thank you for sharing your difficulties with all of us. Awareness is so important.

Stacey said...

Well said. XO. Our battles with it brought strength and very cute babies ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I'm still recovering from my third loss, after two years of infertility. It keeps hurting and hurting and hurting and if nobody talks about it, everyone will feel alone. <3


Ginger said...

thank you for sharing your story, the graphic is really effective.
we have 1 after infertility and are sticking with just her. pregnant women make me sad now, but I'm pretty sure I'd feel that way no matter how many kids I had. I'm pretty sure I'd feel that way even if I was pregnant at the same time. it's just wild the scars it leaves on our hearts.

to Bea above - you're in my thoughts. so sorry for your losses.

Just A Normal Mom said...

Powerful post. My son was a Clomid baby.

AfGolden said...

Thanks for posting about this...glad to know I'm not alone. :) also, wanted to tell you that the hubs and I have started dance lessons and I've started a blog to keep track of this "crazy mid-life crisis" that I think we have stumbled But I'm loving! lol! :)

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