08 February 2012

Dave:  *mumble mumble grumble grumble*

Me:  You’re mean Dave P!  And exclusionary.

Finn:  You can’t call him that.  You can call him mean, but that is it.

Me:  But he is exclusionary.  He leaves people out.

Finn:  No.  He drinks beer with his friends.


Finn:  Mom, do you think our next baby is going to be a boy or a girl?

Me:  Finna, I don’t think there is going to be a next baby.

Finn:  But J & Amanda & Myles have three babies.   Well, one is a midget.

Me:  Everyone has to decide for themselves how many babies their family will have.  You know Noelle has FOUR babies!  And Meme had SIX babies.

Finn:  How many babies did Gigi have?

Me:  She had two babies.  I am pretty sure daddy only wants two babies.

Finn:  Well, maybe daddy will be out of luck and maybe he will be in luck.  We will see.


Finn:  Mom, Hulk got strings from the bad guy and his pants fell down and the bad guys saw his underwear!  That is too funny for me.


Finn:  Mom, you want to know how to say blue in Spanish?

Me:  Sure.

Finn: Azul.  And mom?  If you want to know how to say blue in plain old English, you say, blue.


Finn:  What are you feeding Tate?

Me:  Some butternut squash and some blueberries and bananas.

Finn:  What is that white stuff?

Me:  Oatmeal.

Finn:  Is that human oatmeal?

Me:  Of course it’s oatmeal for humans!  What other kind of oatmeal is there?

Finn:  Baby oatmeal.

Me:  Um, I think you must misunderstand what a human is…

Finn:  No I don’t.


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Anonymous said...

Love it! Exclusionary! That is hilarious!

Unknown said...

kids say they cutest and funniest things:) I need to start doing a post like this about my little munchkin.

Stacy Kaye said...

Oh my. He is so funny, and his vocabulary and comprehension are growing every day!

Just A Normal Mom said...

He is a funny, funny guy :) I love kidspeak!

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