Whitney. And Lyndsey is Probably Going to Hell.

13 February 2012

I was 9 when the Whitney Houston album came out.  It was the first tape I bought with my own money…

Hey, at least I didn’t say record… 

I took it to the YMCA after school program and showed all my friends.  It was orange and she wore a white dress on the front.  Like every other little girl my age, I stood in front of the mirror dancing and belting out How Will I Know and The Greatest Love of All until my mom wanted to remove the D batteries from my boom box just to get it to stop.

I was very cool.  But obviously, you know this already. 

She was larger than life.  Her voice, unparalleled.  Whitney was IT for me and so many others my age.  She was the one we looked up to, the one we wanted to be, insomuch as a suburban white girl could be a black, Grammy award winning, mega superstar.  She was a good girl with a huge voice.

My sister Lyndsey {who knows my Whitney love from back in the day} hasn’t stopped responding to me in Whitney lyrics since it happened… I am pretty sure this is a clear indication that she, in fact, is going to hell.


I don’t want to remember the drugs or the voice squandered and lost to them. Because really? What a damn shame.

I’ll just say this.  She will be missed.


@JessEsco said...

Such a shame. Happens far too often.

Laura said...

My roller skating soundtrack would have been damn boring without Whitney!

Anonymous said...

My god do you have to blog everything!
You need to "Exhale" you get "So Emotional". "It's Not Right But It's ok" that you blog everything and because you are my sister "I Will Always Love YouUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU". I maybe going to hell but "How Will I Know" till I get there. "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" I am guessing to hell with me so I will be "Saving All My Love For You" as I save ya seat in hell right next to me, your lovin sister. (laughing so hard I am cryin) You have to admit I am a little bit awesome :0)
- Lyndsey
AKA: "Queen Of The Night"

Dave said...

Well done Lyndsey, well done.

Anonymous said...

I am "Takin A Chance" that I will not go to hell because "Jesus Loves Me". I guess I am "On My Own" in this. I know you loved her and wonder "Why Does It Hurt So Bad" but "We didn't Know" it was going to be so hard to say good bye. But, I am sister so "Hold On Help Is On The Way" I will "Run To You". "Step By Step" you will feel better but it won't happen "All At Once" because she was "Somebody Bigger Than You And I" and I have faith "Love Will Save The Day" I know we didn't get to keep her forever but "Didn't We Almost Have All". We should be grateful for having her at this "One Moment In Time"
To Whitney: It "Feels So Good" to listen to your music. "You Gave Good Love" and you can hear it in every song. We will never have to ask "Where Are You" because you said it best you self we know your soul is in "Every Woman"
"I Have Nothing" left to say except "Salute" RIP

See what I can do with a little time LOL go on and say it..... I am AWE(wait for it)SOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMME
-"Queen Of The Night" OUT
P.S. I am thinking I may want to be addressed as this from now on :0)

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I was shocked when I heard the news at a show on Saturday night. She wasn't my icon but man, what a big star to have dimmed.

Tricia said...

First let me say that I had the LP, not the tape because I am just that much cooler (&/or older) than you. She was awesome back in the day and I totally wanted to be her for a good portion of my adolescence. Now that Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston are gone, I'm just hoping that my other favorites will stick around for a bit longer. Come on Olivia Newton John and Lionel Ritchie--I'm counting on you guys!

Yostee said...

OMG I love your sister!!!! She freaking rocks!!!! At least it didn't start out with, "Well Michelle, you can "count on me"..."

Unknown said...

You sistas are a hoot. Wonderful post. I love Whitney. Lyndsey, you're goin' to hell in a handbasket.

Unknown said...

Love your Sis:) so funny. And yes what a shame. I can remember when Bodyguard came out I was like 11 and watched it a million times and would sign along to every song in the movie.

Meg said...

Wow. Sister is killing it with the Whitney stuff! I will remember Whitney for singing the song my cousin choreographed our first dance routine to when I was 6 years old. *sigh* Why do we have to grow up??? Also, your love of Whitney would NOT be happy with my Facebook friends. Their jokes have been awwwww-ful. Like this one: "Good for Whitney, 2 days sober." or the candlelight vigil picture posted by another friend that featured a spoon held over a lighter, drug style.

P.S. My punctuation (and probably spelling and capitalization) is terrible in this comment. But it's midnight and I hear the boob monster grumbling... I HAVE TO BE QUICK.

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