How to Choose a Valentine.

14 February 2012

Choose a Valentine who is funny.

Choose a Valentine who is sweet.

Choose a Valentine who is kind.

Choose a Valentine who buys you sparkly things.

Choose a Valentine who is handsome.

Choose a Valentine who is loving.

Choose a Valentine who is a good kisser.

Choose a Valentine who, after completely inadvertently ruining your first batch of cupcakes, helps you wash all the jars, & make a completely new batch so your four year old isn’t bummed that he doesn’t have a treat for his school friends.  At 10 pm.  The night before Valentine’s Day.

Davester, I’m super glad you’re my Valentine. 

dave cell pics 018

Consider this your card.


Anonymous said...

I left my husbands card right next to his tooth brush and he did not even see it.

Ashley said...

You are most lucky to have the Davester as your heartmate. Happy V-Day friend!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

What a great valentine. :)

Just A Normal Mom said...

"Consider this your card" - LOL
What a guy! Major points for helping with the cupcake disaster!

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