Old School Outdoor Movie

08 August 2011

We’re big fans of the outdoor movie, I did one for Dave’s birthday three years ago, a Ferris Beuller’s Outdoor Movie on the roof of my mom’s building downtown.  We’re currently planning another movie party a couple months from now, plus we were invited to one in a couple weeks, and I realized that I never posted about our Old School movie night last summer.  We were celebrating my sisters going back to school, thus the movie Old School.


We went with a huge selection of mini movie candies and other sweets.


I didn’t think to take pics of the set up until it was too dark.  We used a king sized white sheet as our screen and borrowed a projector to use.  My dad has a great sound system in the backyard so we hooked into that and you could hear the movie perfectly even on the opposite side of the pool.


“You’re My Boy Blue” Lemonade was made with blueberry vodka, lemonade, and blue Kool-Aid.


I downloaded the Varsity Regular font from Dafont to use for all of the signage.




“You’re my boy Blue!” cupcake toppers were a big hit.


We had popcorn, sweets, and movie snacks on one table.  Nachos, buffalo chicken dip, veggies, and other snack items on the other table.



Amy said...

What a great idea! You're so clever!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

What a fabulous party idea! I wish I had a big backyard here that I could use for a party like this. I love the signs - too cute!

Anonymous said...

How fun!

the cape on the corner said...

how fun! love the attention to detail. i so want to do this on our white garage door!

MommyLisa said...

I am sorry - I LOVE this!!!

Unknown said...

Such cute ideas for an outdoor movie night! Love Old School! I especially liked the fonts and "You're my boy blue" name your chose for the food labels. Really cute!

xo alanna

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