Happy Things.

19 August 2011

Flights to Atlanta for my cousin Meghan’s wedding have been purchased.  Don’t be jealous, but I also get to see Meg too!

The dresses?  They arrived!  They fit and look pretty dang good.  It’s fabulous when your husband tells you that you’re hot.

Sit down for this next happy thing…

I’m thinking about getting pregnant three more times just for the weight loss.  {Someone pick Dave off the floor please.}  My pregnancy with Tate, I only gained five pounds.  No I’m not kidding, and yes it was healthy since I was overweight to start. 

I wish it was something that I did, but really it was like magic.  Especially since those nightly hot fudge sundaes with extra extra peanuts that didn’t make their way onto my ass.  Anyway, that’s not all.  I went to the doctor for my one week check and I was already down ten pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.  And now with the breastfeeding, I’m hovering closer to a fifteen pound loss from my pre-pregnancy weight. 

I’d say another three pregnancies would get me right where I’d like to be.  But, fifteen magic maternity pounds gone?  HAPPY thing.

Another happy thing?  I got to throw the dreaded maternity underwear away.  See ya later granny panties, I will not miss you.  Not one single bit.

Psssst….. Maternity jeans, don’t tell the granny panties, but you can stick around a bit.  Your comfort is astounding and has earned you a place in my closet until it becomes really not acceptable to wear you anymore.  I am holding out though as long as I can. 

I’d say I’m going to wear them until Tate turns 16.

Don’t judge. 

This picture makes me happy too.  Look at those little cousins.  How much fun will it be watching them grow up?


Tell me peeps, what is your happy thing today?



Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I love cousins! And I'm jealous about your maternity jeans. I wonder why they can't make regular jeans that comfy.

Anonymous said...

Weight loss is awesome! I still wear maternity jeans. The ones that look like regular jeans. They are perfect fro a big booty girl like me!

Anonymous said...

My happy thing is....I am on the beginning of week 3 of a kitchen remodel (and I mean we gutted that kitchen to nothing and started over) and today when I left for work, the cabinets were arriving. I can not WAIT to get home and start putting some sort of life back together.....maybe even cook. That is IF the stove is installed....have a great weekend!

tiffany campbell said...

I would also like to suggest "Pajama Jenas". Emmerson is dying for me to get a pair since I could take them from dressy to casual and even sleep in them.

Happy things today: Em finished her first week of kindergarten. Took weekly trip to the store today with only 2 punks. Tomorrow I celebrate 6 fabulous years of being married.

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! And congratulations on losing the baby weight! Awesome!

My happy thing today: My car broke down this week and I got to realize & appreciate all the sweet friends I have who didn't mind driving me places and helping me out when I was stuck. xo

Alexis said...

Love the new blog look! You don't have enough to do with 2 kids so you have to show off with an awesome new style? You are making me feel like an underachiever!
xo, Alexis

Joanna said...

Thanks for the sweet comment! Just checked out your blog- Sooo cute! Will definitely be adding to my Reader :)

Meg @ House Notes said...

Aw, shucks! Lady, I am SO excited for your visit!! I have grand visions of us sipping on mimosas and chuckling with dainty, rich person laughs.

And how awesome that you're losing weight? You are already gorgeous and fabulous just the way you are...but what gal doesn't get giddy at the sight of the scale going down? You are going to be a hot momma in your wedding outfit!

Meg said...

That is all very happy things. I only have one pair of maternity pants but I love them so much I may never retire them. Seriously they are cute and lightweight and it's going to be really hard to give them up.

My best friend works with a woman who lost 100 lbs. breasfeeding. This kid of mine better like boob.

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