Dress Shopping.

15 August 2011

We have lots of fun stuff coming up.  My cousin is getting married, my friend is getting married, there are showers and parties and all kinds of awesomeness forthcoming.  So, I have been a shopping fool.

This is the dress for my cousin’s wedding in Atlanta.  Keep your fingers crossed that my mother in law can work some alteration magic or this one is going back to Saks and that will make me very very sad people.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  I’m thinking some hot shoes and a gorgeous bracelet?

New Picture

And for the more casual events, this one from Ralph Lauren.  What are your thoughts on jewelry for this one?

New Picture (9)


Anonymous said...

I love both of them, but one on the bottom, I would not wear a necklace. Maybe some cute bracelet in some fun color or maybe one of those funky large rings, or maybe both? Have fun!

Just A Normal Mom said...

Yep - great dangly earrings, a fun bracelet and a big ring would be awesome with the second one. You've got the top one nailed! Great dresses.

@JessEsco said...

No clue but those dresses are awesome.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Those are fabulous dresses! for the first one, a big sparkly bracelet and some great dangly earrings would really set it off.

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