Prettied Myself Up a Bit.

21 August 2011

What’s that?  Oh nothing, just a little lip gloss, some mascara, and the same great um, good, entertaining ok it’s just writing Michelle’s rambling.

Do you see my shiny new buttons with their new glossy colors?  Go on, click them.  You know you want to.

Maybe you’d like to subscribe or hang out on Facebook?  Or check out the recipes? 

I hope you guys like the new look of So Wonderful, So Marvelous, it was so much fun dreaming up something different and fun while still staying me.

I have Sass to thank.  She is undoubtedly the most patient girl in the world.  Speaking of world, she’s on the other side of it and still stayed up till all hours so that we could work on things until they were right.

Thank you Sass.  You’re absolutely lovely.


Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Love the new layout! Very snazzy. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the new buttons but I miss the old title banner!

erika said...


Janet said...


Samantha said...

I really like it!

Sass said...

Why thank you lovely!
It was a pleasure!


Unknown said...

Love it!

@JessEsco said...

Dude. Awesome.

tiffany said...

Fabulous - just like you!

MommyLisa said...


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