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12 July 2011
I'm wonderful, I'm marvelous. Ok, maybe i'm not, but Michelle is.  I may have found her blog so wonderful, so marvelous through her son's room makeover, but i stayed for her snark.  Snark is not a bad thing, people, when you pair it with its S sisters known as Sarcasm and Sass.  Then it's a perfect trifecta of laugh out loud award winning goodness. Who am i, you ask.  Well, i blog over at the cape on the corner, and for the most part i refuse to use capitalization.  It irks me.  It impedes my typing process.  I like snark.
the cape on the corner


When i'm not stealing things from my mother in law that she's trying to make a profit of off, like this super cute table she had in the attic:


or drumming up ways to de-brownify my living room...


I may be assisting the boyfriend in painting the master bedroom.  And by assist, i mean follow him around the room holding an industrial sized light fixture and handing him the paintbrush at his request.  I'm thoughtful like that.  But it looks so purdy, no? 

He does a bang up job, that man.  And i'm not too shabby in the decor department, if you know what i'm sayin.'  That's...that's exactly i'm saying.
While i'm here because Michelle's having/had another wee one, the only wee one around the cape is this fantastically adorable sweetest of all sweets,
my girl Sunday.  Obsessed is putting it mildly!
Other things about me i'm sure you're dying to know include, but are not limited to:
Likes: the aforementioned snark and sarcasm, good deals in any clearance aisle, diy network, words, word puzzles, netflix, autumn and halloween (the most wonderful time of the year).
Dislikes: bees, humidity, bathroom humor, tea, unreturned carts left in the parking lot, U2, cancer.
I also love finding new blogs, so please come on over and introduce yourself.  Do we share any likes or dislikes?
  Thanks again, Michelle, for asking me to be here.  You rock, my friend!
Follow the sass, lack of capitalization, & house porn daily over at Cape on the Corner.  Or on Facebook.  Or on Pinterest.


MommyLisa said...

What a cute kittie!

the cape on the corner said...

woot! thanks for letting my guest post, my friend!

Paula@SweetPea said...

Aren't you lucky that your mother-in-law has great things that she's willing to pass on? I love the ceilings in your bedroom. They must make the room feel so cozy.

Anonymous said...

sweet kitty cat :)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Wonderful guest post! I will check out her blog for sure! hugs, Lindah

CityMom2 said...

Excellent Attic find. I'm going to put you on Pinterest. i need more cool stuff on my boards :)

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