OK, Someone… Anyone… Name This Baby.

09 May 2011

We’re really trying to be proactive.  I swear we are, but it’s just not coming to us.  Her name, that is.  The name I love is still in the running, but I’m not as stuck on that being THE one as I was early on. 

Mariah just named her babies after the décor in their apartment, Moroccan… and Monroe because apparently she has a bit of a thing for the former actress.  You notice, she sure wasn’t going to name her Norma Jean. 

We’re waiting, scouring name sites and trying not to take clues from celebrities.  We would end up with an Eclectic for our house décor or maybe Orange, to go with Gweneth’s daughter Apple?  I did eat a massive amount of oranges during my first trimester.  What do you think?

We like different, {but not celebrity fake made up name different} so pretty much anything in the SSA Top names is out.  Call us traumatized, but as a Michelle and a Dave, we’re pretty sure that NOT being one of 5 others in your class with the same name would be great.  I am still shaking my fist at the makers of Glee for effing up Finn staying under the radar. 

So, I’m just putting it out there, name this baby, will ya?  I’m asking, begging really, throw a girl name {or twelve} our way.  Give us your suggestions, I’d love to hear them. 


mommy2boys said...

This is the name we were going to choose if we had a girl (We have 2 boys and are done haveing babes)

We all have a first and middle name, but I likes this one as a single name

Just an idea...........

mommy2boys said...

oops sorry for the typos...............

Anonymous said...

Lillian Grace was our girl name but no girls for us. Others I liked were...

Stella, Avery, Charlotte, Peyton, Chloe

Good Luck! :)

Anonymous said...


Samantha said...

Some of my faves are Elizabeth, Stella, Augusta, Harley, Rose. I love the old fashioned names that you never hear anymore. :) Good luck!

Anonymous said...

ok so a a name is Maron or Marin.....it is a girls name and it is beautiful.....and not a common name....also if Sam was a girl he would have been a Katherine....I know simple but yet so elegant....that being said he is not simple or elegant....another great one is Cleste.....again another not so common name....it was my grandmas name
I will let you know of any more....

Unknown said...

Malorie or Mallory (I guess I'm still a fan of Family Ties) - Actually we were going to use it for our daughter (but we settled on Charla Clare)

Malorie was formed using Madelyn (My Mom) and Lori (MIL) and the middle name was going to be Flynn using Francis (Mom) and Lynn (MIL).

Michelle said...

Loving all these suggestions!

Stella was a front runner until my Meme heard it... it's her MIL {my grandpa's mom} and they did NOT get along.

Emerson, Katherine, & Hadley were actually on our 'maybe' list already!

KEEP em coming!! You guys are awesome.

Anonymous said...

I always liked Mason, but call her Macy (I got this idea from Kelsey Grammer, thought I should mention in case you hate him, lol). Was going to use that 'til 3 weeks before my daughter was born, my cousin named his son Mason (grr!) So now I have a Tatum (also a great and relatively unique/uncommon name). Additionally, I like Hunter for a girl (have you seen Hunter Tylo??? Va-va-va-VOOM!)

Good luck and cheers for not naming her something incredibly average! :)

Katie said...

I don't have any suggestions for you because I am in the same boat! I have a boys name picked out, but no girls name, although I saw one of our "in the running" girls names on your list! I may have to come back to this and see what other suggestions there are - I also have a rule that it can't be in the top 100 names, and picking girls names are HARD. :o) Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

YAY, girl names! i love the letter L in girl names, i find it makes it so lovely and girly. here are some of my favourite:


i'm also really big on boy names for girls...


and i don't care HOW popular it gets, i've been stuck on this name for years... if i have a girl, i'm naming her olive.

good luck! can't wait to hear what you decide on!

the cape on the corner said...

i highly enjoy emerson, and thanks to blogging i am seeing a lot more interesting names. i like interesting names, and having one which i choose to remain shady about, i'm pretty bummed about newer female actress that's making it less obscure.

i'm going to second charlotte. my friends have a 1 year girl named charlotte that they call charlie, which i think is super cute. good luck on this!

Bridget said...

Clementine! Marlo is pretty cute, too. You can't see my list because it would be awkward if we someday had kids with the same names. :P

Shannon said...

I love throwing out baby names. Today Grier, Sasha, Sloane (from Ferris Bueller)and Collette strike me, and I'm not gonna lie I like Nancy.

Michelle said...

Love Tatum and Grier! And in general, boys names for girls too.

I was just talking about how our criteria really is not in the top 100, it has to be a name you can see your boss having 30 years from now, and it can't be anyone that Dave or I didn't like in the past. Ha!

Kelly said...

Bailey, Caroline, Madeline, Emma, Zoey, Phoebe, Elizabeth, Molly.

Carrie said...

Cate, Alanah, Baylor, Charlotte, Chelsea, Margaret, Lena, Brielle, Adalynn, Amberly, Jemma, Flynn, Evelyn, Vivian, Dara, Penelope, Ridley, Rebekah, Ruby, Mildred(Millie)

To be honest, I never had a problem with girl names, it was always the boy names. I could go on forever with girl names!

deborah said...

couldn't get over here fast enough. named our first born *braden*, though he goes by *brady*--almost 17 years ago. people thought we made it up, now it's everywhere. drives me nuts. i like some of the aforementioned names, up top. and i like phoebe or daphne, vivianna, georgia, alice or ellis, lucy, helena, any form of julie/julia/juliana/guilana, franchesca and nina. :)

belles♥mom said...

OK so I had like 4 names for you but they are all on the most popular list. So here's some other options...
Eliza {can be short for Elizabeth}
And Annie thinks you should name her Ham so that's always an option! lol

Bridget said...

Ooh, Molly is awfully cute. And Eliza is on my list, but not near the top.

Michelle said...

HAM it is! I love that little stinker. Finn's suggestion was Finn 1 and Finn 2...

Anonymous said...

Our daughters name is Lily, but my second choice was Lyra. I adore that name and if we have girl #2 then that's going to be the front runner!

Anonymous said...

Quincey, Harper, Harley, Jack, Ryan, Bryce, Charlie, and Jamieson.

Meg said...

whoa! you are getting some awesome name suggestions...i had no idea what i liked for a girl until i started reading through these comments...i love boys names for girls (hunter, mason, charlie, etc)...i also love sweet little feminine names like lola and ...i can't think of any others right now. can't wait to hear what you choose!!!

Shannon said...

Alright, back for round two of Name that Baby!

Kendall, Ellis, Louisa, Veronica, and I second the vote for Clementine.

Natasha and Jesse said...

Elisabeth (so many nicknames with this one)

Anonymous said...

Ivy or Isis (pronounced Ice-sis) also I love my daughters name Lucia (Lu-chi-ah), and Kaylan, and Marlieo (Mar-lee-o)and my finaly favorite is Lillian

Jackie said...

I feel strongly that you should wait until you see her beautiful face. It drives me crazy when folks name their kids long before you know their smile and personality. And for the record if you name this child after a fruit I will have talk about you behind your back!

Anonymous said...

Here are a few...

Mabry (MAY - BREE)
Bryna (Bren - NA)

Good luck!

Unknown said...

I love my daughters' name - Ivagene Florence. If I had ever had another, my other girl name was Katherine Amelia. The Germans also have some great names that seem so exotic to me: Heike, Anke, Antje, (those are ladies I know, but I know there are many more, just having a brain fart.)

Mary said...

The few retro obscure names I've heard of (once, each) for girls that are definitely different but also very cool are:


Good luck! You'll know it when you hear it, I think. That was the way it was for us - one name just "stuck", and that was it. xoxo

Anonymous said...


lo said...

Pilar, Zoey, Isobel, Adele, Leila, and I really love a lot of the ones mentioned like Stella and Josie. I really want to name my children hippie names like Meadow, Skye, Petal and Poppy. Apparently I like P names? I really loved Apple when I heard it first but Morocco and Monroe make me angry.

Anonymous said...

Harper, Krishna, Tianna, Alara, Lola, Karissa, Gemma, Remi, Maura, Noelle, Grace, Alexa, Shayna, Colby, Katherine, Eliza, Lena, Rhema, Norah, Margo, Simone, Sloane, Hadley

Stacy Kaye said...

I love:

Unknown said...

Ava, Morgan, Lena, Aubrey, Layla,.....i could go on for days Michelle....would you like me too? lol

Unknown said...


Tricia said...

Polly, Paige, Delaney, Lucy, Maggie, Meg...no idea how popular/unpopular these names are as we had our one and only child (a son) six years ago! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I look forward to looking around yours. Your Mother's Day post totally got to me. I had such similar feelings, but no pregnancy hormones to blame them on! Good luck on the name front.

Belinda said...

It's been mentioned already, but if I had to name a baby girl now, I'd call her Ivy. My great grandmother's nickname was Ivy. You never hear the old names any more. Evelyn was just used in our extended family. LOVE IT. I've always loved Callie/Calla or Willa/Willow too. I'm sure you will find the perfect name just in time. Either that or you will just take her home calling her baby girl. :)

Anonymous said...

Fiona would go beautifully with Finn.

T@iy@ said...

All I can offer are our kids names. We have Ryla and Aubre... :D good luck! We had such a hard time with our second. We barely had her named before she was born!

OT and ET said...

So many great names here! We used to have Alfre on our list but I don't think it's on there anymore. I love that name! And I saw Evelyn suggested a few times in the comments, also a fave. I love traditional names that don't get used much anymore, like Zinia, Pearl, and Margo.

Ann Marie said...

I've never been to your blog before but you just left me a comment on mine so I'm more than happy to help. I have always loved the name Aislin Grace. Hope it helps!

Unknown said...

With Lena we waited almost until the end to make the final decision, so its totally ok that you don't know yet. The "other" name we were considering was Margot - I still love it so much that I might have to "accidently" get pregnant again in a few years...*whistling*

Noelle said...

Someone suggested Zinia and Hadley I love those!

Miranda (I tried that one 3 times and he never gave in!)

Anonymous said...

Who names their child Moroccan? Isn't that an adjective? That's like naming your kid Bloated or Melancholy...
I always like Charlotte, Layla or Lilah, Abigail (Abbie), Bailey, Emma, Grace, Aubree...this could go on a while :)

Sarah from Perth said...

Some unusual names that come to mind:
Florence (Flossie)
Persephone (don't laugh, it's my sister's middle name)
Siobhan (Sha-vaun)
Niamh (Neev)

Alissa said...

I love Camille, Evelyn, Amelia (my daughter's name), and Emerson.....good luck:))

Yostee said...

For what it's worth... I love the name Charliegh for a girl. I like the dainty spelling of it. I also like Harriet - total opposite of the chic Charleigh!! Lastly, I really like Brynleigh. If I have a girl, this is what I am fighting for... but we are states away, so it would be ok ;o) I also like Riane (Ryan). Just some suggestions..... and you bet your sweet heiny that I will reference all these suggestions when I have the chance to find out what this girl is!!! I never knew with my other 2, so we went in with both boy & girl names. My daugher is Adrianna but the other option for her was Jillian Grace. We also liked Ella until Rihanna decided to ruin that for me with her umbrella ella ella hey hey hey! :o)

Yostee said...

I typed "what this girl is" above.... it should have said, what this BABY is!!! Maybe I subconsciously really do want another girl ... ha ha ha

Meg said...

I adore Emerson. I also love Sloane. I will get to use neither of these beautiful names because husband can associate them with someone he doesn't like. *sigh*

Have you been to Baby Name Genie.com? Here's a link to the Baby Name Test Drive and I swear we tried out 8 million names this way.


Emily said...

Thorina, Michelle Jr., Maude...I can keep going if you want...

Katie said...

Ha! I finally figured out a couple of suggestions...what about Jocelyn or Corrine?

Lisa said...

Ok this is super weird. While I was waiting for the page to load, I thought of Hadley. It is not my style of name, but I think it is really cute. Others...


Good luck! Girl names are so fun. :)

Sara R said...


Sara R said...

Oh and ..

Amanda @ The Fix-Its said...

It's not "orange", but how about Clementine? I think it couldn't be sweeter...

Shannon said...


Anonymous said...


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