18 May 2011

There are reasons Dave married me.  Mostly because I am totally awesome. 

It has kind of been one of those weeks at our house.  You know the ones.

We managed to somehow get a laundry cap stuck in the floor drain and it was um impeding the flow of water from the washer into the drain.  By impeding I mean shooting water all over the basement floor while Dave looked on totally flabbergasted.  No, I have no idea how it happened, but in this house I am not surprised.

He stuck his hand in there and had zero luck pulling the cap out.  He stuck the snake in there to see how far in the blockage was… at that point he wasn’t sure if it was a detergent lid or a tennis ball that Monty enjoys watching bounce down the stairs.  He was pretty sure that he would have to rip out the gorgeous pipe work that he did several months ago and start over OR call in Roto Rooter to retrieve the offending object.

“D, what about sticking the shop vac in there and seeing if it sucks it out?”  Downstairs he and his little assistant went.

*Insert shop vac noises coming from the basement and little footsteps on the stairs.*

“Mommy, Daddy said you are a genius.” 

And ok ok, it came through a four year old intermediary, but I think the sentiment is just as sweet.  Maybe he’ll keep me around?


Unknown said...

I love when I come up with the genius idea :) Way to go!! :) And, it's almost better coming from the 4-year old because he was smart enough to tell you from Daddy. Glad it's fixed.

Samantha said...

It must be nice to have a husband that will mutter that word in the presence of your child to carry to you. It takes extreme pressure for Russ to ever admit that I'm right about something.

Rach (DonutsMama) said...

Love it. You need to hang on to that and remind your hubby of your genius every now and then!

Tricia said...

Brilliant! Genius! Amazingly intuitive! I'm very impressed by your MacGyver-like instincts.

Just A Normal Mom said...

Yes, Brilliant! Those are the best days for us moms/wives!! That was a very impressive idea, by the way.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Being told you are brilliant is a wonderful thing. He should tell you more often! I'm glad you were able to get it figured out. I hate fixing things around the house.

MommyLisa said...

You are genius.

Unknown said...


theotherlion said...

I'm filing that away! Nice work!

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