Make Your Own Nachos

05 May 2011

Happy Cinco de Mayo! 

This is such an easy lunch and a great project for little hands. 

Finnegan and Myles loved making their own nacho lunch.  We provided them with black beans, refried beans, seasoned ground beef, and two kinds of cheese and let them fill their nachos.  You can use whatever kind of tortilla chips that you like, here we used Scoops so they could fill them easily.  They took their nacho making duties very seriously, filling each to the very top with fillings.


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Then we popped them into the oven at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes.  We topped with sour cream and served them alongside fresh avocado chunks and  fruit.



MommyLisa said...

What an awesome idea to let them top the nachos. Maybe boo boo will eat them with more than cheese. ;)

Stacy Kaye said...

Yum! Great idea!

CrystalChick said...

Great pictures. How great to get the kids involved! Lunch looks delish! Avocados are wonderful.
My grandson helped me make cornbread awhile ago... so cute.
Tonight was gordita style tacos and some leftover Chinese rice and veggies. Odd combo, but atleast nothing was wasted.
Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

Belinda said...

Oh yummy. Maybe I can do that with my grandson one of these days... when he gets old enough to handle that kind of thing.

Unknown said...

I totally used this idea last night with Henry and we had nachos for dinner. He loved assembling them and watching the cheese melt in the oven. GREAT idea!!

Holly Lefevre said...

So sweet! I love when kids make their own snacks. Oh nachos now I want some at it is only 9:30!

Happy Mother's Day Sweet lady!

Stephanie R. said...

this is an awesome idea!!

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