Facebook Intervention.

14 June 2010
You know that show Intervention?  Well, if I had cable I might know what the hell it is about, but I don't.  But I would imagine it's about, well, interventions.  So I am going to send an email to the show.


Wait... first... whole internet, I would love to introduce you to Midge.

Isn't she like the cutest thing ever?

I love Midge.  She is my BFF.  She used to be Elise's BFF, but no one really likes Elise, so now she is mine.

Poor Midge needs an intervention in the worst way.  And since she loves to make fun of Elise for this post I wrote about Elise with fifteen guys and a crack whore in an attic, I thought perhaps we should do an intervention So Wonderful, So Marvelous style.

It might be the only thing to save her.

What, might you ask, is she doing that is intervention worthy?  At last count she had 176 197 203 pages "liked" on Facebook, with more added daily.  DAILY!  Oh, it's not all stuff like "I knew Drake when he was Jimmy on Degrassi" she's into the hardcore "like" stage. 

Let's take a closer look, shall we?

What Midge Likes on Facebook:

I hate it when I'm in a awkward situation and I can't find a twix.

Flipping the pillow over to get to the cold side.

Ok, If we get caught here's the story...  {I'm starting to see why you and Elise are friends...}

Yelling "GET IT" When You See Your Friend Flirting.  {I just don't "GET IT"}

I hate it when your seatbelt randomly locks and you can't move.  {Ok, I hate this too, but I don't 'like' it.}

"Oh you're going to ride my ass? Welcome to 20mph jerk."

"i'm tanner than you!" "nuh-uh!" *stick arms together* "....dang it" {This one had almost 238,000 likes!  What?}

If you're a bird, I'm a bird.  {Please tell me this means something.}

"You like that song?" "Nah, I just like Lil Wayne's part."  {WTF is a Lil Wayne?}

I'm paranoid because the spider I saw five seconds ago isn't there anymore.  {Fair enough.}

"Having a sweatpants, hair tied, chillen with no make up on" day.  {Finally, one I can like too!}

So, Midge we love you, but you need to stop liking.  It's killing you us your Facebook profile.  I know there are new temptations every day like when you realize you overslept and you jump off the bed like a ninja, but you have to be strong.  But not, "Thanks phone, for being strong everytime i dropped you" strong.

One thing I "like," So Wonderful, So Marvelous... saving Facebook, one Midge at a time
Umm, no one start this FB group ok, because then I will be forced to actually 'like' it.


SnoopyMeg said...

The "If you're a bird, I am a bird." thing is from a movie....just can't place it, wait let me google it...oohhh yes, The Notebook. I love Rachael McAdams. And Midge, you should really get this under control, you can't LIKE everything...haha!

@JessEsco said...

LOL. I try not to like stuff just because I'm paranoid that it gives other random strangers access to my page. So I just look and laugh then go about my day.

Emily said...

hahah i love this and you for loving me so much. i will try to refrain from liking so many things and if you have noticed i havent liked anything in a few days(maybe because i'm on vacation).

Michelle said...

I'm glad you 'like' it Midge!! Enjoy vacation.

Nikki said...

Way too funny!!! There are quite of things to "like" on there!!

Jackie said...

Seriously Michelle...were you this funny back when we lived in the same time zone???? Love ya!

Unknown said...


Chris said...

Okay...thankfully you commented on my blog, and I FOUND you! I have laughed out loud 4 times in two minutes! You're hilarious! FYI: "If you're a bird, I'm a bird" is from The Notebook. Hello? The greatest movie of all time? Off to read more!!!!

Just A Normal Mom said...

Of course I had to link here from the facebook rules post - LOL!!! The "likes" kill me! I always shake my head when I see all those. Yes, some are funny, but must someone "like" 79 groups a day?

Shannon said...

This post is not only funny but inspirational. I am now going to FB to "like" some stuff. Specifically the turning the pillow over to get the cold side. How did I miss that?

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