If you ask me... the whole night was about giving.

13 October 2008
Disclaimer: Most of the comments in this post are from AM. She is much more amusing than I. She would like me to point out that at the end of the night, she gave away two tickets... also a gift! Because the night was about giving you know.

We gave money to Make A Wish Foundation. That is who Octoberfest benefitted. We gave some money to Sam Adams too... I mean really... we were stimulating the economy! Apparently, some of us stimulate in different ways.

Brent gave his wife love and support by holding her purse all night like a big girlie girl. I'm not sure he had a choice in his gift (notice the finger?), but he gave it nonetheless. I hope he got something in return for that one. If not B, she owes you one to be sure!

I peed in a porta-potty for you, my friend. If that isn't a gift, I don't know what is. Mostly it was because you called me Powder (I do look like death here) after taking this picture, I was laughing so hard I thought I might pee my pants.

These chapeaux wearing idiots gave us ENDLESS amusement. And it didn't take much coaxing, I must admit...

To get them on stage in front of 1,000 people to enter a potato pancake eating contest. Yes, that's right. POTATO PANCAKE EATING CONTEST. My friends, it was the highlight of my night.
They blamed me for talking them into entering.
I wish I were that persuasive.

OK, I am that persuasive. But it was all in the name of Ann Marie's birthday. And that my friends is an EXCELLENT excuse.

And the best gift of all. A night out with my girls.
It was very much needed.

Incidentally, the man who won the potato pancake eating contest is a friend of one of Dave's co-workers... apparently he earned his $50 gift card with burning the shit out of his mouth. Cheers!


Kelly said...

Ha, Amy seriously let you put that pic of her up?? Priceless, looks like a great night!

Lisa Marie said...

Aw, it looks like you all had a blast! Yay for giving! ::Side note:: what's up with all of the my friends? Ya sound like John McCain lol

AnnMarie said...

Ahhhh!! I laughed through that entire post...OMG so hilarious!

Lori said...

Haha, those pics are great!!! Glad you all had a fun night out together!

Amy said...

The E True Hollywood Story people are going to love you when I'm famous someday....

Bunny @ 86n It said...

I finally figure out what that "potato pancake eating contest" text was about! you guys are crazy!!!

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