Cute or Hideous?

25 October 2008

It's not like I need these, but I really want them. And they look black here, but they're really deep brown. Totally impractical? Maybe. But they're only $34.


Stacey said...

I say do it! They are cute, not could probably wear them with a lot since they are brown.

the jonald said...

Just to let you know I will own this blog before it is all said & done. You should have never invited me to visit. If you do get those shoe's & plan on wearing them in public, let me know so I can avoid all contact that day.

Emily said...

Are the fronts shiny and the backs not? I'm not a fan of patent or flats, so I'm leaning toward no on these.

Jackie said...

The scrunchy part on the back bothers me. The front is cute though.

AnnMarie said...

I'd sport them! So my vote is a yes!

Amy said...

Ok, since you apparently never update anymore, I guess I'll have to comment on this old post. And my comment is - Black is always better than brown, and I don't like the squishy bit in the back. Other than that, no problems.

Get a new post, or I'll hijack your blog with Libertarian propaganda. I still have access, you know!

AnnMarie said...

I think it's hideous that you haven't updated your blog!!!

Amy said...

Cute or hideous? I think they're cute. BUT...they look like something I would buy on impulse because I'd think they are real cute. Then I'd find them in my closet a year later (never worn) and wonder, "why did I buy these hideous shoes?"

I am finally learning IF IN DOUBT--DON'T BUY!

But if you did buy them, make sure you were them next time I see you so I can check 'em out in person! :-)

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