Challenge: 29 Gifts - Day 6

12 October 2008
I need to get more creative with my gifts I think. I need to do something for strangers or something that is a bit more thoughtful. If YOU leave me a comment of something spectacular in the way of gift ideas, maybe something will come your way!

Today we went apple picking, except the apples were VERY much picked over so we got a refund and called it a day. My gift of the day was frozen apple cider slushies for Amy, Brent, Lyndsey, and Emily. We also snuck in a bag of fritters for us to enjoy.


Emily said...

Don't get down on your gifts. The slushie was very much appreciated by this hot, sweaty, hugely pregnant lady.

Amy said...

Word. You can buy me an apple cider slushie every day for the next 23 days if you want!

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