Challenge: 29 Gifts - Day 12

18 October 2008
Today, we're celebrating Lyndsey's birthday with a big dinner hosted by my mom. So most of my gifts for today are to Lyndsey. I can't share what they are just yet in case she sneaks on here before tonight. I'll be sure to have pictures though.

I do want to share with you a gift from this morning though. My first to a stranger! We were in Costco this morning and I spilled my coffee when unloading my cart. The man behind us seemed a little surly and asked the cashier for some paper towels to clean it up for me. So then he is joking and laughing with us about how you can now get kids at Costco (Finnegan) and how they really do have everything. Well, I thought he was so nice that I got an extra $10 out from our debit card and paid $10 of his bill! I hope that maybe it made his day and that the cashier got a kick out of telling him. It made me feel really good, I have to tell you. So then, we went out to the parking lot and Finn let the wind grab hold of our receipt and this very nice lady went chasing after it for me. I felt re-paid by the universe immediately. Anyway, I think I am going to try to get a few more gifts in for strangers before the 29 days are over.

I also want to mention that you should watch Meet the Press tomorrow morning. Colin Powell is going to be on, the word on the street is that he is set to endorse Obama if you can believe it! So watch with me!

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Amy said...

Great story. Funny how the universe works. I firmly believe that every good thing you do is returned to you, sometimes it just takes a little longer than other times.

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