Challenge: 29 Gifts - Day 2

08 October 2008

Sometime in the wee hours of the morning, my in-laws' poor sweet cocker spaniel, Mindy passed away. She was a spoiled rotten, 14 year old, pampered pooch and much loved in the family. When they brought her home, she fit in the palm of my father in-law's hand. She was a good girl and she will be terribly missed.
My gift today was to bake the world's easiest peanut butter cookies and send them over as a small little ray of sunshine for a very hard day. I'm also giving this recipe to you too! Use it well.

World's EASIEST peanut butter cookies

Preheat the oven to 325 degrees.
Mix 1 egg, 1 cup of peanut butter, & 1 cup of sugar. Just mix it all up with a spoon.
Roll into balls and do the criss-crossy thing with a fork. Bake for 12 minutes.
What? No flour? No baking soda? Only THREE ingrediants? Yep. They are that easy. My Meme's best friend, Elanor passed this recipe on to my Meme about oh forty or so years ago and it has been a staple ever since. It's not difficult to memorize this one.



Lori said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm!!! They look great! Thanks for the recipe!

Emily said...

Those look tasty, and I'm not even much of a PB cookie fan. That was a nice gesture for the ILs.

britt said...

your sister made those last night too... yes a nice gesture

Amy said...

ooh, those sound easy. I bet even I could make them without screwing up!

And what a nice gesture.

Amy said...

I said, "I bet even I could make them without screwing up". I am now eating my words. And definitely not eating the cookies.

Michelle, I need help! Mine were not the consistency of what they are in your picture. The dough was way too soft and runny to even form a ball so I added some extra sugar to stiffen them up. I baked 'em 12 minutes and they came out not cooked all the way. (and real sugary. haha)

I used one cup of Jif, 1 large egg, and 1 cup of granulated sugar and mixed it with a spoon. What in the heck could I have done wrong?

Anonymous said...

Yes finally peanut butter cookies without all the extra stuff LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE SOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!! this recipe is so simple just like you said thanks so much this recipe will be made all the time. I am such a peanut butter fan thanks again for a delicious easy recipe. :)

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