Halloween Pancakes.

14 October 2013

Halloween Breakfast

A few years ago, I made Finn some spider web pancakes around Halloween that he got a kick out of, so I thought we’d do them again.  There are countless recipes for homemade pancakes, but I usually just cheat and buy the mix and use gel food coloring to make the colors.  I add the food coloring right to the water before mixing it into the batter, you’ll want to make it slightly thinner than usual for doing these pancakes.  Make sure there are no lumps and pour the batter into a cheapie plastic squeeze bottle, the kind you find at the grocery store for condiments.  You will need to snip some of the tip off to make a large enough opening for the batter, I did mine at an angle, which worked well.  It’s also helpful to have a toothpick or skewer around just in case you miss a lump and it clogs the squeeze bottle.  You can wash and re-use the bottle over and over. 

It took a little practice and they still aren’t perfect!  Even the mess ups are delicious and your kids will think you’re the most fun ever just for trying.

Halloween Pancakes Pancake Batter Bottle

I did some brainstorming with them to see which {easy} shapes we should do this time around.  We came up with a monster; witches hat and broom; jack-o-lantern; bat; BOO; as well as the spider and web.  The hardest part is remembering to go backward because you will flip the pancake, which is why we stuck with an easy word and did all of the faces first.

Tips for the monster :: start with his eyes and mouth in black, then do the outline of his head and fill in with the plain batter.

Halloween Pancakes 084

Tips for the jack-o-lantern :: start with the triangle eyes and mouth, then in orange, make the outline and fill in.

Tips for the spider and web :: start with the spider body then do each leg starting with the end and going toward the body, then do the head.  Be super careful when flipping it {making it smaller helps} so you don’t lose a leg.  I stuck some candy eyeballs on just to make it silly.

 Pumpkin Halloween Pancakes Spider Halloween Pancakes

Tips for the witches hat and broom :: start with the buckle on the hat, then do the brim and move onto the outline of the hat and fill in.  For the broom, start with the handle and the black line across the broom, then go back and add lines in plain batter for the broom.

Witch Halloween Pancakes

Tips for the bat :: start with the head and ears, then do the outline of each wing and fill in.  I added some of the candy eyes.

Bat Halloween Pancakes

Tips for BOO :: You’ll have to write the letters and the word backward, no worries, it’s not as hard as it sounds!  Start with the line in the capital B, then finish the B, adding two O’s that are connected at the end.

 Boo Halloween Pancakes


Melissa said...

I love these and even more the individual little dipping.bowls for the syrup!

Cyndia said...

Pumpkin and chocolate would be great to use here!

Just A Normal Mom said...

You are so darn creative. Super cute pancackes!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Super impressed with your skills! Excellent inspiration!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

So cute!

Noelle said...

Omg I love these!!!

Anonymous said...

Those are fun!

@JessEsco said...

Totally making those. And pinning them.

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