16 October 2013

Years ago, I started keeping track of the funny things that Finn said and posted the first Finnisms.  Out of all of the things on this blog, those Finnisms are my favorite. 

And now, it’s time to start the Tateisms.   



I take our neighbor boys to school every morning with Finn.  I always tell Tate, “let’s take the boys to school,” so she calls school uniforms ‘boy’ dressing. 

Tate:  I go see MY Meme.  You get dressed Finna J.

:: Then, she “punched” him in the stomach. ::

Tate:  Like a boy!


Then, we went to visit with my grandma, who everyone calls Meme.  She’s 89, hilarious, and she and Tate are thick as thieves.

  Meme   Tate

Tate:  Meme draw a picture.

Meme:  Should I draw a picture of you?

Tate: No!

Meme:  What should I draw then?

Tate:  A punkin'.

Meme:  Ok then.  This pumpkin has a big tooth.  Uh, oh.  He's smoking a cigarette, he’s a bad pumpkin.

Tate:  Dat tooth is scary.

Meme:  Ok, I'll draw you a nice pumpkin.

Tate:  Draw a Finna J punkin’.

Meme:  This one has a smile, but no teeth.  He’s only allowed to eat cereal.  Ok it's your turn to draw a pumpkin.

Tate:  It's Memes turn.  Can you draw a punkin’?


We currently have a baby gate up to keep Tate contained because the doors in our house are being stripped including the one to the linen closet.  She’s like a moth to a flame for all of the things she shouldn’t be into… like my make up.  So now, she’s leaving the linen closet alone and she’s obsessed with the gate.

Tate:  You will be trapped everybody.

Me:  Tate, don’t touch that gate.

Tate:  Ah – ha – haaaa.  You will be awesome trapped.


Me:  Hey, Tate do you want to watch Jake?

Tate:  And the Neverland Pirates and me?  Dat’s WOND-a-ful.



Anonymous said...

Love Tate's garden fairy outfit. Perfect!

Shelly said...

Happiness. :)

Noelle said...

Love her!

You and Dave raise awesome little people! <3

Leslee @ This Friendly Life said...

Aaahhhhh, Tateisms! Darling!

Just A Normal Mom said...

Yay! Tateisms to go with Finnisms. Too cute!

Dawn said...

I love these!! My daughter comes out with some pretty bizarre things too. So far my favourite was from when she was four. We were in the car, had just pulled into our driveway, and she inexplicably came out with, "Mommy, wouldn't it be weird if we could lick our own brains?" Yes sweetheart, it certainly would.

@JessEsco said...

I love her. That's like Allie stopping and saying "I don't like dees." Me saying, you don't like this candy? Her: "I LIKE DEES! It's dew-leesh-oos."

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