Tinkerbell + Peter Pan.

31 October 2013

Happy Halloween. 

I knew I wanted to make Tate’s costume this year… I’ll take it while she’s letting me.  She was mildly obsessed with Tinkerbell for months so it was a great choice.  Finn had originally chosen Captain America, but at the last minute when we were joking around about Peter Pan and Tink being a fun costume combination, he asked if I would make him one.  I kind of feel like he is the best big brother in the entire universe to do this just because Tate was excited about it.  We still have his {store-bought} Captain costume, I figured he’d wear that one to school and Peter Pan for trick or treating with Tate, but it turns out, he’s loving it.  

Both were really really easy to do, but they look a lot harder than they are.  You can easily purchase the hat for Peter Pan if you don’t sew {or have a patient mother in law who does!} and the little capelet can just be cut out raw fleece.  The kids LOVE the costumes and I can see them being used in the dress up box for ages after Halloween.  I am completely in love with how they turned out.  Everywhere they’ve worn them, people have told us how much they like them.

 DIY Peter Pan   Tinkerbelle Costume 073

DIY Peter Pan   Tinkerbelle Costume 130 DIY Peter Pan   Tinkerbelle Costume 052

For Finn’s DIY Peter Pan costume:

  • t-shirt that was two sizes larger than his normal dyed with apple green RIT, cut one line down at the neck to make the V-neck, then V’s out of the bottom and the arms
  • a long sleeved brown t-shirt underneath 
  • brown belt
  • light grey skinny jeans dyed with apple green RIT
  • brown boots
  • green hat made from fleece with a red felt feather

For Tate’s DIY Tinkerbell costume:

  • capelet made out of green fleece with the edges scalloped a bit to look like a leaf, slit cut in the back to make room for the Tinkerbell wings
  • head piece was just two leaves cut out of green fleece and sewn together, it has velcro to close around Tink’s famous topknot hairstyle
  • fairy wings found at Target for $2 in the kids party section
  • white tank dress from Hobby Lobby dyed RIT kelly green
  • yellow leggings dyed kelly green
  • white shoes from Hobby Lobby dyed RIT kelly green, topped with 3” white puffs found in the kid’s crafts

DIY Peter Pan   Tinkerbelle Costume 040

 DIY Peter Pan   Tinkerbelle Costume 140 DIY Peter Pan   Tinkerbelle Costume 171

DIY Peter Pan   Tinkerbelle Costume 089 

DIY Peter Pan   Tinkerbelle Costume 134 DIY Peter Pan   Tinkerbelle Costume 126

DIY Peter Pan   Tinkerbelle Costume 034


the cape on the corner said...

how stinking cute. those puffballs on her shoes, perfect!

Anonymous said...

I love the pom poms on the shoes!

Anonymous said...

Adorable! I really love your Tinkerbelle! Very realistic! They look adorable!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

This is, the cutest thing, I've ever seen. I love that he was so supportive of the Peter Pan thing. I was Peter Pan when I was younger. My mother made my costume and it was amazing. I LOVE how this all came together and what a smart idea using the tshirts etc!!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

V @ X-tremely V said...

Such adorable costumes! And what a wonderful big brother :)

Jill said...

You are so talented!! I love the costumes, they're amazing. I did make M's costume this year. She refused to wear it. She ended up as a pumpkin from Carter's. Oh well...there's always next year!! :)

Bunny @ 86n It said...

Absolute perfection!

How Mommy Got Her Groove Back said...

This is the reason I have mommy comparison issues! I SO wish I had the patience (notice, I didn't say time, because here I sit reading about how awesome you are) to put together my kids Halloween costumes. Your blog is marvelous. Thanks for sharing!

@JessEsco said...

I want those shoes.

Lora said...

this is amazing!!

Just A Normal Mom said...

Love, love LOVE! These are so stinking cute, and I just adore that he decided to be Peter Pan with her. I saw some cute costumes last night but these are at the top of the list!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I think it's the white poofs on her shoes that complete it! What great costumes. :)

Anonymous said...

What pattern did you use for Tinkerbell's capelet?

Michelle said...

Hi there, we didn't use a particular pattern, we just cut a neck hole and attached two buttons in the shape of leaves, then scallop the edges to look like a leaf. My mother in law sewed along the edges, but you can also leave it raw.

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