Rooftop Bachelorette.

21 August 2013

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My three best girlfriends are Jackie, Sarah, and Natalie.  I’ve told you about them before, though now they’re in different cities, states even.  I talked some more about Jackie, two years ago, when I pretty much did the most praying I’ve ever done in my life.  Which is exactly what she did for me the year before that.  Apparently November is a tough month… until now.  To say that she’s been through a lot is a mild understatement, but this November, she’s walking down that sandy beach aisle and right into married life. 

And last weekend, we got to celebrate that.  With a lot of rum punch on my mom’s roof.

There were no penises or strippers.  We ate fancy things in miniature form, made her open mortifying gifts, and laughed so hard that my face hurt.  That right there makes me think that we did something right.  Then we capped off the evening with fireworks.  It was totally Jackie. 

Now bring on the wedding, also known as the perfect excuse for a week in Mexico.

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cantaloupe soup serrano ham

The Menu

  • Rum punch {fresh pineapple juice, lemon juice, grenadine, and Meyers Dark Rum}
  • Prosecco
  • Limoncello soda
  • Cheeses: triple cream brie, Van Gogh gouda, cheddar, and Taleggio, with grapes and strawberries and roasted almonds
  • Salami
  • Breads and crackers with olive oil herb dip
  • Dips: roasted red pepper eggplant, pecan bleu cheese, grogonzola torta
  • Caprese bites: Black Cherry balsamic and olive oil with mozzarella, whole basil leaves, and tomatoes 
  • Watermelon with balsamic reduction
  • Cantaloupe Strawberry Soup Shooters with basil mint oil and Serrano Ham
  • vanilla and chocolate macarons
  • assorted fancy dessert bites
  • dark chocolate covered caramels
  • vanilla lemon cut out cookies

caprese appetizer bite watermelon balsamic

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007 bachelorette cookies

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the cape on the corner said...

I just love the intimacy of this, without a million people. and a destination wedding sounds super fun.

tawnylaquay said...

I want to make love to that table of delicousness. One day I will entertain like you, one day.

Jackie said...

It was totally me. Thank you and Sarah for a fabulous night. It was amazing and perfect!

Erica said...

Real people do not do this. Are you some kind of HGTV bot? You never cease to amaze me!

Michelle said...

Tawny, it's my mission to make that happen. If I can do it, you can TOTALLY do it. Promise. Now what should be our first step? Also? Maybe we should wait until you have a full night's sleep in you.

Erica, want to know a secret? It was easy. Almost everything I purchased at Trader Joes, then I did just a few simple appetizers that look fancier than they are. And put it all into fancy dishes.

Michelle said...

Cape, that is why it was so her. She's not a go out and party at the bar doing shots kind of girl. She (and I for that matter) totally prefers hanging out with a few close friends. Wait till I fill you all in on their wedding. It's going to be fab.

Carrie said...

I love hearing about TRUE friends like this! Don't let the miles (or hubbies/kids) get in the middle of your special bond!

Anonymous said...

First, your covered oreos are fab. Second, I love the black and white linens. A rooftop party sounds like the most fun. Everything looks so pretty and yummy! Great job!

Ashley said...

Whoa! This is amazing. You are truly talented my friend.

Just A Normal Mom said...

What a super, fantastic party! A lucky group of friends.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I wanna come to your parties! They always seem like so much fun. :)

tiffany said...

I'd like an invite to the next fabulous party you host. Love this!

Stefanie Blakely said...

What a gorgeous party for a beautiful friend!

Anonymous said...

Super happy I found your blog today. I also just "found" several others based on your "people you should read" section, so thank you!! (I also shared your jackass mom one on my FB Page today - so good.)

Andrea said...

I know this is an "old-ish" post, but beautiful! And those cookies are TOO cute!!! Sometimes I wish I had friends I could have this kind of party with just because.

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