Wednesday Mishmash.

12 December 2012

<< Her word of 2013.  I love this tradition my friend Emily has with herself. >>

<< For my local Toledo peeps, revisit this list! >>

<< White chicken chili is perfect for winter. >>

<< Read the comments on this Egg Nog, we were laughing our asses off. >>

<< I love Rebel Wilson. >>

<< Potato Latkes. >>


SnoopyMeg said...

I sometimes have the feeling I should do crystal meth, then I think ummm better not! Love, love, love rebel! Did you see her interview on jimmy kimmel? Fucking hilarious!

lo said...

I've been trying to explain to my Irish boyfriend what eggnog is but I think I'll have to make it for him. Do you know any good recipes for it as we live in the outback of Australia and can't find any here!

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