10 Reasons I’m Not Sending Christmas Cards.

11 December 2012
  1. It is already December 11th.
  2. I have PTSD from all of these Elf on a Shelf pictures floating around.
  3. I haven’t taken a Christmas picture of the kids.
  4. I’m saving paper.  Ahem.  Read lazy.
  5. I’m saving stamp money.  Ahem.  Read cheap.
  6. I am saving my sanity.  Ahem.  Read nutso.
  7. Writing for two hours turns my hand into the claw.  No one likes a Mommy with a claw.
  8. Santa already has me on the naughty list.
  9. Two words.  Paper.  Cuts.
  10. I’m all liquored up on egg nog.  Except I don’t drink the nog so much as the rum.


Mommy Lisa said...

Too funny.

Just A Normal Mom said...

Worse yet - paper cuts on your lip from licking envelopes.

Abbi said...

Haha! Very funny Michelle!! I finally ordered my cards last night!

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

That's awesome. Good for you!

Jessica Sliman said...

Totally not sending cards this year. I finished (LIKE COMPLETELY finished...deserve a gold medal finished) my Christmas shopping for everyone already (including random nieces and cousins and neighbors and teachers)...I'm giving myself a pass on cards. (I'm cheap and lazy too :)

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