Christmas. Balls.

18 December 2012


  1. I decided Sunday night that my wrapping theme this year {brown paper packages tied up with string} looked terrible when it came down to it.  I ask you… WHAT five year old wants to open a box colored present?  So, I unwrapped the ten or so gifts I had already done and replaced my theme with hodgepodge of colorful paper of years’ past.  I love it.  The Davester helped me even though he realized that he is married to a crazy person.  Keeper, that one.  
  2. I don’t know how much money to spend on Finnegan’s teacher.  Part of her gift is a heartfelt note of thanks, but also I want to say, here is a gift card because I know you are a saint and I want you to look past Finnegan’s constant talking in class and asking for band aids for things that aren’t really there.  Like his ‘broken’ leg.  But not, like I’m paying you for amazing grades because everyone knows you save up that money for when you’re getting letter grades and not just plusses and minuses.  Duh.  How much is appropriate for that kind of gift?
  3. I also want to know what you do when you have two kids who are far apart enough to know that Santa is bringing presents for Finn, why aren’t there a ton for Tate?  Because Mommy didn’t do anything for you at this age and I have zero good ideas about what might be fun for her since she just likes to take your toys anyway.  Bonus: When Finn stops believing, it will be Tate wondering why Santa isn’t bringing proper gifts for Finn.  If Mommy’s stupid ovaries knew how to cooperate, we wouldn’t be facing these four years apart issues.
  4. At what point in the day is it appropriate to start drinking egg nog? 

In addition to all of the pondering and ball juggling I’m doing, I’m also cleaning my house.  I’ll bet you didn’t realize I was swimming in glamour today.  Have yourself a happy Tuesday!


Unknown said...

I love the brown paper idea but yeah maybe not for the That's how I feel about Cameron and Easton, they are getting way more than the baby I am wondering if they will notice he didn't get as much.

Unknown said...

Okay I am on my phone and that comment above should not have posted yet....stupid phone. I am trying to figure what to get the preschool teacher.....probably a candle with a card made from cam I guess. Oh and I have to admit I have never tried egg nog....what do you spike it with?!

Amanda said...

I have been doing cookie plates for the teachers with 10$ target gift cards. Not sure at all if that is cheap or ok or what! A note is a really nice idea.

Just A Normal Mom said...

Eggnog starts in coffee in the morning. But I assume you are referring to the spiked kind? The way I figure it, only you and the bottle know what's in there... ;-) JK, sort of.

Kim Moore said...

My 2 youngest gave each of their teacher(7 for Heather and 4 for JT) a gift goodie bag of cookies last week.. On Thursday for the actual Christmas party each teacher gets a small Satin Hands set with a note saying "Thank You for the helping hand you provide every day for my child and his classmates." They also get a card from my child with a $10 gift card to a local restaurant.
I have had the age gap for years so I usually just grouped thing together for older and spread out for the younger.
I don't drink eggnog so I say drink it whenever you feel like it.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I never thought about the problem with the Santa believing issue. I am 5 years older then my brother and it never seemed to be a problem - we both had a similar number of presents under the tree. When I didn't believe anymore, my brother still got the same amount that I did, but I just knew who did the buying. And I was sworn to secrecy until he stopped believing.

Anonymous said...

Our room mom at preschool takes a collection and buys something for the teacher from all the kids. Once they are in school, our school gives each room mom a certain amount of money to spend on the teacher for the whole year. They request each parent to NOT send another gift. It is nice.

I don't do eggnog, but I agree with the others, if you have it, drink it, it will be off the stores shelf soon!!!

I like to Christmas paper themes, but mine is usually a color or a certain style. But not brown paper, unless you have no children to buy for. I like things to match as well. So I must be a little crazy too....

As far as Santa, he brings presents to all kids in the family, regardless of age....this is how we did it when I was little and I do now that I have 3 kids (oldest 14 and youngest 5) They get close to the same number of stuff. Each wrapped in each kid's "Santa paper" so they know who is who's. We spend less on little ones, but still have stuff for her to "open" even if it useful stuff like their special treats or sippy cups.... something. He will notice!! and are you ready to explain why Santa screwed his sister out of gifts???? lol regardless have a wonderful Christmas!

Unknown said...

My daughters class does a collection as well for teachers gifts and its wonderful (maybe that is something you can suggest for next year). Growing up with teachers in the family I learned that coffee cups, ornaments and candles are usually donated or re-gifted. Most teachers also get a ton of sweets and the majority also watch their weight so while its a nice gesture it may not be the best route. Gift cards, school supplies (pencils with "property of Mrs...) new markers, sharpies, crayons whatever they might use on a daily basis are always helpful. I had a few parents who went together and got me a gift card and it was nice having one card for one store from 5 families instead of 5 little gift cards for 5 different stores.Hope that's helpful.

Erica said...

For daughter's teacher - who I REALLY like - I let Tatum pick the gift... she picked Christmassy penguin salt & pepper shakers. For my son's teacher who is okay but I am not a huge fan of, I did go the monogrammed coffee cup route.

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Hey, nice balls! I'm also trying to figure out how much $ to give our daycare lady for xmas. Ugh, being an adult sucks.

@JessEsco said...

I'm right there with you on the Allie thing. But I'm also trying to be conscious of the fact that she may have a couple more presents than Ava because hers cost less. Ava's VERY observant and will note such things. Oy.

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