Shopping, Gifts, and Christmas. Oh My!

05 December 2012

Monday night, I sent the Davester to the store because I had $15 to use that expired that night and I didn’t want it to go to waste.  He wandered around for an hour.  An hour!  Why was it so hard to use up $15?  One, he’s a dude and is definitely not the family gift shopper.  Two, because we’ve been absolutely pitiful about our idea list this year.  The only thing I actually have covered is the Stocking Stuffers.

It is time to get serious.  Enter the BlogHer Holiday Gift Guides.  There are tons of ideas already and more being added throughout the month.  Need something for a coach?  A co-worker?  Fun ideas for furry family members?  They’ve got it.

One idea I am stealing for sure is to include a sincere thank you note to your child’s teacher, one I know Finn’s teacher richly deserves.

Want to splurge?  How about the new Galaxy S III for that techie geek in your life?  Believe me, I love mine.  It will have you saying, “iPhone? What iPhone?”

My favorite item and certainly the most unique?  Manure.  {Yes, really!}  Equally good for someone who has a sense of humor and someone who isn’t a favorite on your gift giving list!

This post is part of BlogHer's Holiday Gift Guides editorial series, sponsored by Open Road Media.


Karen said...

The manure is a great gift! Except for the storing all winter long part....

MommyLisa said...

How is the battery life on the Galaxy S III - I am very torn on phone upgrades, I need long life as I now do not have a home phone.

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