17 October 2012

I was going to talk debate, but I think I’m going to just let it be.  Instead, here are {rare} pictures of my kids getting along.

Finn wanted to get Tate dressed for the day.  He picked out her clothes and save for a little assistance with her socks, he did just that.  It was really funny watching them.  Tate kept looking at him with curiosity, like she couldn’t quite figure out why her buddy was getting her dressed.  She didn’t make things easy for him either, she was a little pissed that she had to put a shirt on.  He was so serious about the whole thing, making sure everything was just right. 

There are so many days when she ‘annoys’ him and he just gets so frustrated with having a little sister, but then there are days like this.

060 066

072 092



Susie L said...

Did he dress her to match his outfit? It looks like they're wearing similar things. Such a sweet moment. I hope for you that it lasts all day. :)

Just A Normal Mom said...

Cute! He looks so serious :)

MommyLisa said...


Stefanie Blakely said...

SO sweet. I LIVE for these kind of moments with my boys!

yourfriendrobin said...

I love that he chose matching!! My older boy does that for his little brother sometimes, and he always finds something that matches, too.

Unknown said...

This is so sweet! When moments like this happen in our house, I usually have to be extra sneaky not to have them notice me watching me. Otherwise the magic is broken. Quickly.

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

That is adorable!

Unknown said...

That is seriously super cute! Don't you just love when they get along and are sweet to each other?! Doesn't happen often in our house:)

Leslee @ This Friendly Life said...

This story and photos are just darling!

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