This Kid.

24 October 2012

Yesterday, he told me that I was the best Mama. He was buttering me up because he wants to buy his lunch. Don’t you go thinking that it’s all sunshine and roses over here. I called him Eddie Haskell and yes, of course, I let him buy his lunch. I’ll take those best Mama comments any way I can get them.

He is a total freak of nature and I can’t get him to be serious for anything.

He tries my patience on a daily basis. Always, always, always pushing. Testing. Using logic to try to get the outcome he’s looking for.

The tooth fairy stopped at our house and brought five gold dollar coins. The rest of his teeth are only valued at one dollar each, the first is special. She made this very clear in the note she left and told him not to eat too much candy.

He wears a tie at least once a week with his uniform, not one other boy in his class does.  OK, it’s because he wants to be like the FBI agent on White Collar. 

He sings things like Call Me Maybe and makes up words to songs that he only knows the melody to. Tate dances along and he sings louder. I put on Jay-Z or Justin Timberlake {yes, that is my ridiculous music of choice} and he dances his ass off with me in the kitchen.

He makes us laugh when we should be stern.

Weeks of us showing him how to tie his shoes and him watching, trying it and getting frustrated. Then, one day, he sits down all on his own and just does it. He just says, “I tied my shoe,” like it was no big deal as I sit there mouth agape.

This age is really, really cool. And maddening. And frustrating. He’s becoming his own person, this kid.

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yourfriendrobin said...

Too cute. I loved that bit about the shoelaces. My son was just the same way fixing a sandwich the other day. He does look adorable in that tie.

Just A Normal Mom said...

He is too damn cute. Isn't it funny how they can be frustrating and adorable all at the same time? :)

MommyLisa said...

So? Where is he going to college. I will send Boo Boo there and maybe, if we are lucky, we get to be related. ;)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on shoe tying! :)

McKenna said...

Someone from my facebook page just sent me to your blog and said I would love it and they were totally right.
I have one so much like this and he loves his tie and actually has the same one. He also likes Santa and wears elf slippers each and every day. Love him as you do your little man.

Unknown said...

Aww. I am loving his tie. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

Michelle, Finn has always been his own person. He's like the Yoda of kids. He just kind of looks at you and sizes you up. There is an old, wise soul in that boy.
Aunt Linda

Kim Moore said...

Love it... I think its a son thing saying best mom ever... JT will sing whatever is on the radio... thankfully he knows most of the songs that are playing.... he dances everywhere(store, house, street, ANYWHERE)I've learned to CHERISH ALL THE ANNOYING MOMENTS because they wont last very long

Unknown said...

I just love the tie! I also love all his facial cute! And yes this age is great but very very frustrating {at least for me it is} always pushing the buttons!!!

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