12 October 2012

{We were discussing sentences because they were talking about them at school.}

Finn:  I bake pies.  I eat cookies.  That is two sentences.

Me:  Yep.

Finn:  I don’t eat liver.  That is another sentence. 

Me:  Exactly.

Finn:  I DID have a liver in my finger once.

Me:  *perplexed look* 

Finn:  Remember?  It’s a small piece of wood.

Me:  Um, not exactly. 


Finn:  Do Smarties pops change colors?

Me:  No

Finn:  Well do Smarties pops make you smart?  Let’s see…. 9 plus 9 equalssssss….

Me:  ::blink::  ::blink::

Finn:  Uhh… what is 9 plus 9?


Dave:  Tell Mom what George {I totally changed the kid’s name} told you at school.

Finn:  He got bit by a crocodile AND a poisonous snake.

Me:  Not true.

Dave:  That’s what I told him!

Finn:  Well, George said it was REALLY true.  Like true, true.  And a grown up got bit by an alligator and it ripped his skin off and he had to go to the hospital and get bandages.

Dave:  Um.  WHAT?

Finn:  And apes took over the world.


Finn:  Mom, do you know what Ryan does?

Me:  He is a politician.

Finn:  No, but do you know what he does?  Something that isn’t good.

Dave:  What?

Finn:  He and Romney were doing things like cutting taxes and jobs.  It wasn’t good.  That is what Good Morning America said.

Dave:  Well, we have to listen to all of the information.  Sometimes people don’t tell the truth.  You do some reading and figure out for yourself who you think is telling the truth and then you make your decision about who to vote for.

Finn:  I want to vote for Obama.

Dave:  *dirty look at me*


Tawny said...

That last one is PRICELESS!!!

Bunny @ 86n It said...

I love him more each time!

MommyLisa said...


Anonymous said...

Good job Michelle...make sure he doesn't go to the dark side. Sorry Dave.
Aunt Linda

Laura said...

These crack me up!

Just A Normal Mom said...

Ha! Yes, that last one is too funny :)

Kim Moore said...

I needed these Finnisms... Thanks for the laugh Michelle

Unknown said... funny. Always cracks me up:)

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