20 September 2012

Dave:  Remember those WOW chips?  It’s like Wow, I just shit my pants.

Me:  What?

Dave:  Those chips that had the warning label “May cause anal leakage.”  I remember kids whispering about it in school.  You were probably old enough to know better and not eat them.

Me:  Um, I was probably old enough???  Thanks a lot.  {For the record, I am only 3.5 years older than Dave.}

Dave:  Well you were probably in high school.

Me:  Well you were probably just an idiot.


So, fess up… were you old enough to know better and not eat the Wow Chips? 


Bunny @ 86n It said...

YES! and my friend ate them and had terrible diarrhea!

yourfriendrobin said...

I do remember those chips, but this reminds me of that weight loss thing called Ally that was some kind of a fat blocker. It had a similar problem and they would call it an Ally-oops.
Gosh that simultaneously disgusted and intrigued me. All these tv talk show hosts kept talking about it, and I just felt like HOW ARE PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT THIS ON TV LIKE IT'S NOT DISGUSTING.

Kelly said...

I steered clear of them, ugh gross!!

Laura said...

ROFL! Yes I was old enough to know better. Way better.

Amanda said...

omg I tried them, because it was back when I was still obsessed with trying to be thin! I was intrigued with the fact that they tasted like real chips. However, when I'd eat them I was really paranoid about only having a few to make sure I would not get sick, and quickly decided that having to feel paranoid about anal leakage was not worth guilt free chip eating. Now, I'm just a chubby chic who enjoys eating whatever damn kind of chips I want!
thanks for the memories :-)

Anonymous said...

I was obsessed with them. And, while they're not called WOW chips anymore, they're on the market again. They just say Light - made with Olestra. I actually just took a picture because my friends and I were talking about them and then I saw them (labor day weekend) at the store and took a picture. ~Tara

Just A Normal Mom said...

Old enough and didn't even try them. With that warning? No thanks!

SnoopyMeg said...

I am younger than both of you and I laughed my ass off at this post! My girlfriend totally had a "WOW" moment.

Tawny said...


Ewww anal leakage. I remember all that hub bub about them. Do you remember the movie The Sweetest Thing? There is a scene where a character is eating them by the handful, reads the anal leakage warning and spits them out into the bag. Think of it everytime I hear the term OLESTRA.

Kim Moore said...

Actually I did eat the WOW chips and nothing ever happend to me... but I'm weird and have major issues

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