Halloweekends at Cedar Point: Frighteningly Awesome Fun.

26 September 2012

Cedar Point is just an hour drive for us, an easy day trip, but not one we’ve done with the kids until this summer.  The only thing that really bothered us was that it was super hot the day we went.  Taking the kids was more fun than we had imagined and we all had a great time, it’s something our family is planning to do every summer.  Since ninety degree days are a rarity here in the fall, we decided to give Halloweekends a try for our second visit. 

The first thing we did was hit Planet Spooky for a ride on the Kite Eating Tree.  They worked their way around the park leading up to Iron Dragon, which Finn and Ollie were FINALLY tall enough to ride.  Miss Tate and Myles were too little, but were more than happy to sit with some cookies and hot apple cider while we waited.

Cedar Point Halloweekends Cedar Point Halloweekends

Cedar Point Halloweekends Cedar Point Halloweekends

The park is impressive for Halloweekends, everywhere you turn, there are decorations.  Pumpkins hanging in the trees, all of the Peanuts characters in their costumes, and scary music on the sound system.  The midway has spooky decorations like graveyards full of Cedar Point rides of years’ past, gigantic talking ogres, and monsters at every turn.  I can see how it would be eerie in the dark, but in the daylight it isn’t frightening.  The scare zones, awesomely fun scary walkways where roaming Screamsters jump out and scare you, don’t open until 8 pm after the little ones have had their fun.

Cedar Point Halloweekends

Cedar Point Halloweekends 5 Cedar Point Halloweekends 6

Aside from all of the rides being open, there are parades, fortune tellers, and Snoopy and the gang.  We danced along with the Good Time Ghouls, explored the Magical House on Boo Hill, and navigated the Hay Bale Maze.  The kids loved all of the little touches that Cedar Point does to welcome their littlest guests.  From the Halloween candy treats bags to the costume contests, they really go all out to make sure the entire family has a great time.

Cedar Point Halloweekends

Cedar Point Halloweekends Cedar Point Halloweekends

An entire day of smiles and laughter and not one mention of watching TV or playing on the computer… and that was just the adults.  If you’re local and you haven’t made the trip, grab some friends, plan it and GO!  Halloweekends are open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through October.

Cedar Point Halloweekends

Disclosure: Cedar Point provided the tickets for us to enjoy Halloweekends, all opinions and fun having are my own.


Megan said...

You guys look so cute! What a fun time :)

Jackie said...

Oh I so remember a different Halloweekend experience pre-kids...might have been pre-marriage. Ahhh the fun of no responsibilities:)

Michelle said...

I know Jackie! We were all talking about that walking through the park, how much fun it was coming with a huge group of friends. We used to just get the twilight pass and go for the haunted houses!

Laura said...

So much fun. From the age of 5 until 28 or so (which is far enough in my rear view mirror I am not saying how long ago that was) I went to Cedar Point every single summer. Never missed. Then I had brain surgery and now I get headaches on the rides which KILLS ME because I loved them so much! I never went in the fall though. I bet it was nice, not being so hot!

Unknown said...

Love the family picture! That's how most of ours look, the kids looking off in lala land. Looks like you all had tons of fun:) Still can't get over all the kids bundled up...we just got out of the 100's like yesterday, looking forward to the 70's in a few days.

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