14 September 2012

Allow me to set the scene. We are watching this awful annoying chef on PBS, it is like a train wreck. We just can’t stop.

Dave: Finn, that is not nice!

Me: What did he say??

Dave: I asked what he was making and Finn said diarrhea! Wait, look at it…

Me: Finna, that isn’t very nice to say. {While trying to hold back laughing because it DID look like diarrhea.}

Finn: I didn’t say diarrhea! I said, “no idea!”

Dave: {hysterically laughing}

Me: Dave!

Finn: I said it in my Scooby voice!

Dave: Well, surprisingly “no idea” in Scooby voice sounds like “diarrhea.”


We’re watching How I Met Your Mother, Ted opens the door and Robin kisses him.

Finn: Well, that was fast.


Finn: I know everything about you, Mom.

Me:  Oh, yeah?  What is my name?

Finn: Uh, Michelle Albright-Peters.

Me:  How old am I?

Finn:  Uhhhhh, fifty four maybe?

Me:  Punk.

Finn:  And you like to pay bills on the computer.

Me:  You have clearly mistaken me for someone else.


Finn:  Dad.  You look weird.  Go look in the mirror.

{5 second pause}

Finn:  You look like you work at Sonic.

{5 second pause}

Finn:  Daddy.  Is that a Sonic shirt?  Yeah.  Yeah, it IS a Sonic shirt.

{It was totally a Miller Lite shirt that Dave loves and will probably never wear again.}


Finn:  Mom, how do you spell F-B-I?


Me:  Finn if you want dessert, eat your dinner.   You know what, you don’t even have to finish everything, just finish the peas.

Finn:  I just drank peas and I don’t even chew them.

Me:  Finn!  Chew your food!

Finn:  No, really… me and Oliver do it.

Me:  Well don’t do that.

Finn:  Well how about just eating the pea out of the pea skin?

Me:  Finn, eat AND chew the rest of your peas.  All of them.


Want more Finnisms for your Friday?

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Yostee said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE reading these!!! He's so funny... Are you sure he's as young as you say???

Just wait until it's Finnisms AND Tateisms!!!! :)

Just A Normal Mom said...

"Well, that was fast." - Priceless. :)

Bunny @ 86n It said...

love love love

Laura said...

LOL Awesome.

Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

Love the Finnisms posts:)) And sometimes it's so hard not to laugh and trying to keep a straight face makes it even worse.

Jessica Sliman said...

These are so cute :) love.

Megan Hemphill said...

Oh, Finnisms...seriously, he is such a riot!

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