It’s a Monday.

24 September 2012

First, you people make me laugh so hard.  If you haven’t read the comments from Friday, or added your own, go there now.  I was cracking up every time I got a new one.  Except of course when my mother revealed that she kissed a boy in KINDERGARTEN.  Jesus, Janet.  If Finn kisses anyone this year, I’m sending him away to boarding school. 

Mark my words.

I started the morning off with zero coffee in Dave’s fancy pants grinder.  Apparently, he claims, it is better than the grinder that we already own because it grinds each bean evenly.  Uh.  Dave?  I feel like this claim is total bullshit and honestly, it doesn’t really mean anything if you don’t refill the coffee beans.

Enjoy your Keurig at the office, Punk.

I walked around comatose until my {braless} school drop off.  Yes, it’s not pretty.  Did I mention that it was in the thirties this morning?  As in DEGREES of cold.

We had to turn on the heat.

In September.

Dave is thoroughly disgusted.

Tate DID sleep all night, so that was a bonus and now it’s guaranteed not to happen again since I announced it on the internet.  Did you know about this law of parenting?  If you say, oh, my kid did THIS, isn’t she smart and talented and wonderful?  It’s guaranteed never to happen again. 

She’s been teething those dang molars so she’s had a rough go of things lately.  She has also been attached at the hip, which is super fun when you’ve got a to do list a mile long.

Super fun things like making a yearly pap appointment are topping my list today.  Don’t you wish you had this glamorous blogging life?

Our weekend was pretty dang awesome, I’ll talk more about that this week.  For now, tell me about your Monday.  It’s gotta be better than mine.

I’m going to sit here sipping the quad white mocha I drove over to Starbucks for {braless and freezing, remember? Otherwise I would have gone to the local coffee shop around the corner} and try to wake up.

{Disclosure: The link to Dave’s grinder is an affiliate, that means I get PENNIES if you buy it from Amazon... so I can actually buy coffee to put in the grinder.}


Anonymous said...

I always bring the kids to school bra-less. I actually go to more public places than I should without a bra. It really does not matter though. you really cannot tell. You just reminded me that I need to make an appt for my yearly physical and one with the dermatologist. Monday is laundry and bathroom day.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Hah. You make me laugh. But I don't want it to be winter again because those degrees of cold are COOOOOOLD!

yourfriendrobin said...

Normally I would have nothing interesting to add on a Monday, but yesterday (it's already Tuesday where I live) I met with my book group for the first time in over a year and it was wonderful. We laughed afterward because it seems we spent more time talking about our kids/pregnancies/families than the book, but that time with other women is so valueable. The book was "The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down." I recommend it!!

Just A Normal Mom said...

Drive thru at Starbuks? Heck, no hairbrush required, let alone a bra. Ha!

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