11 September 2012

I read a lot as a child.  I always had my nose in a book and I totally had a crush on our children’s librarian, Dave.  Also, Dave is now a branch manager and I still see him from time to time and I’ve always thought one of these days I’m going to say something to him.  But, I think that he would think I was a lunatic, which… duh.  Also, don’t tell him I have outstanding library fines, he’d be highly disappointed.  Or maybe not, since it probably pays his salary.

I read The Secret Garden probably fifty times.  I’ve confessed to you before that I wanted to be one of the Boxcar Children.  I wondered what it would be like to have the Chocolate Touch or have gotten a golden ticket like Charlie?  There were Giant Peaches and Fried Worms.  For me, books were magical and it’s something that I wished to pass on to my kids.  Especially since it would give me an excuse to re-read the entire Harry Potter series.

About a month ago, I took these pictures of how our reading sessions have been going lately.  Just keeping it real, that baby is a menace.

Yesterday, when Megan at Crazy Bananas wrote about reading a few of the classics to her daughter, it reminded me of these and also that I wanted to ask you all about your favorites.  Either your childhood favorites, or books that you loved reading to your own children.  I would love to start reading some chapter books to Finnegan now that he has the attention span to do so.  I think, while it’s nice for us all to listen to a story together, that maybe it’s time to have separate stories for each of them.  

Dave can take Tate.

So, spill it.  What are your favorites?

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A Bee In My Bonnet - Leslie Anne said...

Have you got a Pinterest account? I've got one and I created a board called "Childhood Books". Then as the titles came flashing back to me, I'd google them and look for a photo of the book cover I remembered having as a child. When I'd find the one, I'd pin it to my board. It's like a memory board of my childhood. Here's my link if you'd like to check it out!

Tawny said...

I loved Where the Sidewalk Ends, Babysitter Club series, all of Judy Blume's novels and my all time favorite A Wrinkle in Time.

Yostee said...

I remember reading the Babysitters Club and always wanting to start a club of my own. I also read the Judy Blume books. All the girlie stuff!

One of my favorite books ever was The BFG by Roald Dahl. My third grade teacher read us a chapter a day until the book was done, as long as we were good. We were all so intrigued and quiet during that time and just wanted to know what happened next. It's a great book. I read a lot of his books. I think they would be some that Finn would like. :)

Angela said...

When my girls were ready to listen to me read chapter books I started out with Charlotte's Web, maybe Finn would like that one. We have a three year old granddaughter and she loves to read The Monster at the End of This Book with Poppy on his I-Pad! I still remember Dr Seuss' Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb as well. Good luck, I know it is hard when the little ones have the attention span of a gnat!!!

Just A Normal Mom said...

I, too, loved reading Charlotte's Web to my son, because I loved it so much as a kid. :)

I do remember we started on the Magic Tree House books and he just loved them. I think we started with me reading them to him and by the time we got through many, many books, he was reading them himself.

Of course, when he was older I read him the first couple Harry Potter books. Not sure if that was really for him or for me. :)

yourfriendrobin said...

For chapter books, there's nothing better than Roald Dahl's "Danny, Champion of the World."

For picture books, I love "Jamberry" by Bruce Degan.

Megan said...

We started having separate reading times for the kids for the exact same reason. What is it with babies named Tate being a total menace?! :) Our Tate goes to bed about 30 minutes before Lu, so I'll read a shorter board book to him (or sometimes she'll read to him, which is super adorable) and have some one on one time while Lu is doing homework or something. Then Lu and I will snuggle in my bed and read a chapter or two. It's pretty fantastic. (Sidenote: Last night our chapter was entirely told by an old woman in The Phantom Tollbooth, so I had to maintain an old lady voice the entire time. It was awesome.)

Laura said...

I was a bookworm also; I just started a book club of late elementary/middle school type books, because both my kids (advanced readers, kindergarten and 2nd grade) are rapidly approaching reading those books. And there are SO MANY MORE than when we were young! I can hardly wait for my daughters to be old enough for Madeline l'Engle, Susan Cooper, Harry Potter....

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