Motherhood in Numbers.

11 May 2012


Your ideal amount of sleep in a night divided by 2 = Actual amount of sleep you receive.  {Divide by 3 for the first year and from 16-18 years old.}

Number of times each year you will feel like a bad mom = 14.

Actual number of times that will be true = 0.

Excitement level of your husband when you show him your boobs, multiplied by 400 = excitement level of your nursing 6 month old when you show them your boobs.

School projects you will help on = 27.

Number of minutes you will spend watching them sleep = 12,383.

Bits of {unsolicited} advice you’ll receive over the course of your motherhood = 457,689.

Number of times you will stifle a laugh when you realize you are saying the same things to your children that your mom said to you = 146.

The number of moms they get = 1. 

Make it count.

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mama and all of you too!

{I would love to have you add your Motherhood Numbers in the comments.}


Amanda said...

Hahaha I'm not even a mom and this made me laugh! Happy Mother's Day, Michelle!

Maggie May said...

And Happy Mother's Day to you!!!

Just A Normal Mom said...

This was a great post and well said. I love the number of times you'll realize you're saying things your mom said - so, so true!
Happy Mother's Day!

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