16 May 2012

My little bug is going to kinder next year and dear Lord, I don’t know how I am going to survive this. 

I feel like he is ready.  It is me, who is not.  Not at all.

Last week we went to registration and it has taken me almost a week to write about it.  Every time I thought about sitting down, I got all choked up. 

My baaaaaaby.  {Yes, I know how utterly ridiculous I am.}

They had all of the classrooms open for the kids to go through.  So many of his little preschool buddies were also there, it made me so happy that we chose a preschool in the neighborhood.  The first room, he was holding tightly to my hand.  The second, he was shyly exploring a little more and talking to his friends.  By the third, he sat right down and started playing with toys and openly talking to the teacher.  Not going to lie, my eyes were welling.

I imagined him in his little uniform, sitting at his little desk in one of these very classrooms, eating his lunch in the cafeteria, and away from me all day.

All day.  Away from me.  It simultaneously makes me sad and so excited for him.  He is becoming independent.  He will be taking his manners and humor and kindness and goofiness and intelligence out there, into a new environment.   His own environment, one that doesn’t belong to me.

So, that first week in September, I may cry the entire way home, much like I did that first day I went back to work after my maternity leave ended.  But, I will put on my happy face for him.

It is what Mamas do.

Pretty please share with me your hints and tips and thoughts about surviving those first school days.  For me and for him.  But mostly me because I have a sneaking suspicion, he will be just fine.


Bunny @ 86n It said...

I have to admit, this made me pretty sad too! When did he get so old?

Just A Normal Mom said...

It just keeps happening, too. First it's kindergarten, then it's middle school, then it's high school, and THEN the stinkers go and graduate on you when you are least ready! (I have one more year *sob*)

Btw, I blogged about your post from yesterday (today's post). The shredding totally worked on the pork!

Anonymous said...

I have two children in school and one more to go. I flat out cried when my girls started kindergarten. My little bit starts pre-school this fall and i do not know what I am going to do. Try to keep yourself organized in the beginning, otherwise you will fall behind.

Ms. Kang said...

Dont ask me. Preschool year one almost killed me. Thank God the baby is here for her second year so I won't leave and cry daily. Good luck to you. Blog all you want about it. I'm sure that will help at least a little!

Anonymous said...

I have a 13 and 11 year old (and a 4 yr old). I knew I was going to be sad when the first one went to K, but I was not prepared enough and I planned on going to work that day after I dropped her off. I was sad all day. When it was time for the 11 year old to go, I took the whole day off. I planned activities for me to do (nails/hair/shopping, etc) So maybe plan something for you and the baby to do that first day, so you're not thinking about what he is doing all day. It will be sad the moment you leave, but it will keep your mind busy until 3pm. Just FYI.... find out from your school how that day goes. I was thinking it would be a slow process of us mom's leaving, come to find out, they don't let you in the classroom on the first day of school!!!!! They just left us in the drop off zone. So make sure you know how the day will go, so you're ready..... you can do this!!!!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

That is such a big step! But I think you're looking about it the right way, that it's a place just for him to grow and thrive. I don't envy you the first drop off though.

Kelly said...

I can't believe he's old enough for Kindergarten already!! *tears* Anyways, I cried...alot. If you got through pre-k without tears this will be a little bit more of an adjustment, especially with it being all day. As long as I stayed busy things were fine and I didn't get too sad, plus with Tate being up and moving around you won't have much time to dwell on him being gone.=0) I also volunteered in the classroom twice a week..if you can swing it even once a week I'd really recommend doing it, I had alot of fun and loved getting to see A interact with other kids and learn and grow up! =0) Good Luck M, I think you'll be just fine! =0) <3

Tricia said...

Yesterday was Connor's last day of kindergarten. I cannot believe how quickly the year has gone. I'll admit--It was a rough start to the school year. We did okay on the first day, but on day two, he freaked out and didn't want to separate from me. That lasted for a couple of weeks and then he found his groove and all was well. I don't say that to make you worry. I just think that it's important to remember that a rough start to school doesn't mean that things will always be rough. Connor ended up loving school and the things he's learned--completely shocking amount of stuff! He's reading and writing stories and subtracting. My kindergarten experience was all about learning how to write my name, eating glue, and napping. It will be a little hard, a lot nostalgic, and potentially exhausting for the first few weeks, but I'll bet that Finn will really like school and you'll love how happy it makes him. Good luck!

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