Listen Here, Bird.

22 September 2011






Anonymous said...

I love litle babies. Precious!

Just A Normal Mom said...

These kids are going to have the best baby books ever! Such cute pictures!

Joanna said...

So cute!! Lola has the same bird! :)

Yostee said...

So adorable!!! I can't wait for these moments again. As much as I love watching my toddlers grow and am amazed at the things they do, there is something about the innocence of a baby learning and finding something new. She is so precious!!! I am glad you are having a wonderful time with your baby girl and capturing (and sharing) these sweet little moments.

MommyLisa said...


Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

She is SO intent on that birdie!

Unknown said...

So cute! She is so focused and it!

Meg said...

oh my cutenesssss!!! she looks so much like her brother! adorable.

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