13 September 2011

Finn:  Mom, do you have Legos at Gigi’s when you were a kid?  Look at this, isn’t it cool?  What is it?

{This is always worrisome because usually I don’t have an effing clue some of the things he’s made…}

Me:  A plane?

Finn:  Ding ding ding, you are correct.  It crash-ED


{While playing with his Cars 2 race cars, I hear from the other room…}

Oh yeah, baby YEAH.  Woooo!



{Eating mac n’ cheese with chopsticks.  Noodle by noodle.}


Me: Finna are you going to pick up your trains and Legos?

Finn:  Nah, I am too busy beat boxing. 

{What sounds like some clicks and other noises with his mouth.}

Finn: Is my beat boxing good?  Did you beat box when you were a kid?  DID YOU???


Finn: Dad, can you turn on PBS Kids, please?

Dave: Sure, just one sec.

{Finn disappears to his bedroom while Dave is turning on the computer and then comes back out to the living room.}

Dave: Here ya go.

Finn: Thanks Dad, here you go {he hands Dave four dollars}

Dave: Um, what’s that for?

Finn: For turning PBS Kids on for me.


Finn:  Dad, eliminate Iron Man!

Dave: I will not eliminate Iron Man.

Finn:  It means get rid of!

Me:  Why would you eliminate Iron Man?

Finn:  Because HE wants to save the world, but I am going to save the world.  *Muaaahhhahaha*


Samantha said...

He is so flippin' cute! I love reading Finnisms when you post :) I can't help but crack up at him beat boxing.

Bunny @ 86n It said...

He's my fav.

bea said...

I wish you could compile these into a book that I could read when I'm down. :) LOVE THEM.

Unknown said...

lol. Finn is one of a kind. =) Love his -isms!

Yostee said...

I post a lot of my daughter's quotes as my FB status. It gets a real laugh from my friends. I love the things kids do and say. As I have mentioned a million times, I work second shift, so it's daddy daycare at night. Every morning when she wakes up, Adrianna comes into my bed and gives me the full rundown of the evening before. It usually includes what she ate for dinner and how much trouble her brother gets into while she somehow always remains the innocent one. With all that said, I give you Adrianna's wake up quote of the morning....

"last night, Me, Daddy & Vincent watched Snow White & the 7 Dorks. I love those cute little dorks Mommy"

My friends think I should write a book!!! :o)

Tiffany said...

Next time he's rockin' the "beat boxing" go ahead and get a video. Love it!

Meredith said...

I love this kid.

Stacy Kaye said...

Sooooo sweet and adorable. Love the things they say!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Oh my gosh, he sounds like such a funny kid. Hehe!

MommyLisa said...

He pays tech support a good rate. Wish I got that for turning on Zoodles or PBS Kids.

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